Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Time for Blogging

Well, I really should have posted this a long time ago. My apologies to all of you - I simply haven't had time to blog this summer. I started teaching anesthesia this summer, and since I have only been out of school for a year I spend a great deal of time making absolutely sure that I am not giving out erroneous information!

I spent summer weekends studying with the outgoing seniors who were preparing for their board exams, and I've been working forty hours a week in the operating room and ten to twenty a week in the classroom. It has been an exciting time, if a bit brutal! The good news is that fall brings a lighter workload and (hopefully) a return to sanity. And I'll post a little more often now that I have time to breathe again!

Here I am at a faculty meeting - a far cry from my usual scrubs and mask! Or jeans and work shoes here on the farm! Thank you all (yet again!) for your patience as I work through the craziness that is my life!