Saturday, February 27, 2010

OK, I'm back!

Sorry, everyone, about my long break from posting. I tend to suffer from seasonal affective disorder to some degree every winter. This winter, unfortunately, has been worse than most. I just feel like I'm dragging myself through the days - I can't even explain it. It's like I'm just hanging on to a cliff with my fingernails until spring comes. I usually hide it pretty well - at least, I think I hide it pretty well. But I'm really struggling. I keep reminding myself that this will pass - spring is coming. It is, it is - even if more snow is forecast for this weekend! Ugh.

To add insult to depression, (heh), my youngest son was injured during a field training exercise at Ft. Stewart. He's okay, but it looks like he'll need surgery and will have some downtime to heal, which might affect his ability to deploy with his unit. He is NOT happy about that, but what can you do?

To all of you that I've neglected - please accept my very sincere apologies. I will do better. Oh, and Fabio says hi!


Daisy said...

Terri, I'm so sorry to hear about your son's injury. I hope that he will heal quickly.

Also, I'm sorry to hear about the seasonal depression. It HAS been an awfully long winter--or so it seems to me. I'm definitely ready for spring.

Glad to see you back posting and to know you are fine though.

Hi Fabio!

Debbie said...

Hi Terri! *hugs* Have missed you here. Sorry to hear about the depression. My husband suffers from it also. This year was actually a good year with him going to school. It got him out of the house and doing more.

I look forward to spring and having you back posting. :)

Take Care,

Wolfie said...

You've been missed.

Sorry to hear about your son. Hope all goes well and he heals quickly.



Heidi D said...

I think that the seasonal depression thing is what I'm suffering from too. I seem to do better on the days where there's sunshine. My friend Lanai has the same problem every winter too.

That's too bad about your son. I sure hope he's able to recover soon.

andrea said...

so glad to know you are relatively speaking anyhow - ok...
I must say from my point of view a delayed deployment isn't a bad thing but I can understand yoru son't upset

hang in there all of you ;)

Dunappy said...

Sorry to hear that your son got hurt, Hope he will pull through ok., As for the Seasonal depression, I know all about that. I also have some issues with seasonal depression. I have found that light therapy does have some beneficial effects as does getting out in the sunlight more. Unfortunately we have had snow storm after snow storm here and not much chance for sunlight.

Amber said...

Hey lady, long time no talk to. I hate to hear that about your kiddo. We'll be praying for a quick and smooth recovery.
Loves ya,
Dave and Amber

Terri said...

Thank you all for the kind comments. Again, I'm sorry I let myself wallow in the depression this year instead of giving myself a good kick in the tail! I'll try not to let it happen again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri, Not long ago, I tried to comment on your Dec. blog - I was worried. Sorry it has been such a tough season for you and I'm so very sorry about your son. I'll keep you both in my prayers.