Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Catching Up and a Blog Giveaway

I am off work today, because I was on call yesterday, and I'm spending the morning catching up on blogs. When I was in school I only let myself do this every so often, and only for a few blogs at a time. Now that I'm out of school there should be more time, but I still feel that I'm playing catch-up to some extent. So, it may take awhile yet before I get back to normal!

So, I was catching up and came to Karen's blog - Karen is a long-arm quilter and her blog has some lovely quilts featured - see it here: Little Pieces of My Life. Karen has had some health problems recently and has had a long road to recovery, but it looks like she's finally made it, and to celebrate she's hosting a giveaway. Please stop by to congratulate her on her recovery and to wish her continued good health going forward.

And, as I mentioned before, I have decided to work on simplifying my life. My children are grown, I have met my professional goals and now it's time to get some balance back! So, I went to the hairdresser and asked for wash-and-go hair. Short wash-and-go hair. I've thrown in a "before" picture for comparison.

I'm still getting used to the results, but overall I am pleased. There's so much movement to this cut that the messier it is, the better it looks. My hair actually looks better after I've had it under a scrub cap all day! I can't be unhappy about that!
I have a box full of hair products for the Princess to look through - she's a girly-girl and will be delighted to play, I am sure. And I have reclaimed a lot of space in the bathroom - maybe it's time for some redecorating in there!


Karen said...

Thank you so much for the nice comments and mentioning my Give Away on your blog.I really appreciate it. I'm just so darn HAPPY to be feeling somewhat "normal" again!


Karen said...

Opps, Forgot mention I love your new short hairdo! I bet it will be so easy to keep up AND a timesaver.

Keep Stitching,

Terri said...

Karen, I'm just so glad you're feeling better! Nobody should have to go through that, and I am so sorry for all you've had to deal with.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Good Morning Terri,

I love the new do! I wish I had the courage to cut mine short but I have always been disappointed with the results... plus my husband would probably have a fit if I came home with it short. lol Someday!

Enjoy your day. I have class tonight but plan on catching up with a few things around here.

Take Care,

Wolfie said...

Looking good!!!

I went from below the shoulder-length hair to short and I love it too.

Looks good on you!! You go girl!!!


Anonymous said...

It is a delightful style on you. I like the ease of wearing mine short. Hope you enjoy your day.

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Love the haircut! It looks perfect with your very pretty face. :)

I wish I could post pictures of myself online. I don't because I know people from highschool look at my blog. I don't want them to see how much weight I've gained.

Anyways, I love the cute hair.

Susie said...

Seeing your new "do" makes me think I need to go back to short hair again. It's just so easy to take care of.

DayPhoto said...

You are such a beautiful and cute girl any hairstyle will look good on you!


Terri said...

Thank you all for the nice compliments - you are all very sweet!

Becca's Dirt said...

Nice do! It really is a wash-n-go style. I do not have the guts to go that short but I sure do need to visit my hairdresser soon. It looks good on such a pretty face.

Daisy said...

Your new haircut looks great, Terri! That will be a breeze to take care of too. :D

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I seriously need to get my hair cut like that! It looks really good on you!

I'm where you are in life... A few days ago I organized my night stand, today I attacked the walk in closet. I'm getting rid of so much and simplifying my life too. It just makes me feel better all around.

Have fun Terri,


Amber said...

HOLY COW...I LOVE YOUR HAIR SO MUCH I JUST WANNA SCREAM THE ENTIRE COMMENT. Seriously you look incredible. You always did, but it's a totally different/great look for you. You go girl!

simple~needs said...

terri, you are rocking that hair style!! geez, its looks great!!!!
arent scrub caps attractive? youu need to get a very chic custom one.. everyone else will be jealous. :)
hugs, kim

em's scrapbag said...

Love the new do:) You look great!