Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stop Moping!

That's my instruction to myself this week. I'm really sorry for neglecting all of you, and this blog to mope. The oldest went back to the Army this week, and I already miss him. The youngest took the ASVAB test and has decided to follow his brother into the Army, and nothing I (or his brother) has said can dissuade him. So, barring a problem with his physical in a few days, he'll ship out later this summer for basic training.

As if that wasn't enough, the middle one thinks he wants to be a Marine. A Marine - my gentle son, a Marine. Let me just go lock myself in the bedroom and scream for a bit, okay? My husband's entire family have been Marines, and Melissa was a Marine, so I know something about that particular branch of the Armed Forces, and that's part of what scares the heck out of me.

So, I'm trying hard to stop moping. I have to study, for one. For two, it doesn't solve anything. For three, I remember being that age and feeling as if life was passing me by and I had to go out and grab it by the horns. In all likelihood, I'll have an empty nest by the end of the summer and in spite of the fact that I have all but chained them to a building at a college, it looks like all of them want to do some time in the military before they start school.

What's a mother to do? Well, this mother has started working out again, with the boys. I was an Army nurse, and although I am old and short I do know a few things about physical training. So, we're running a couple of miles a day, and we're doing push-ups and sit-ups and pull-ups. And, if training with an 18-year old and a 20-year old won't kick your tail, nothing will. With a little work they'll go off to boot camp ready for that initial physical training test and I'll lose a few pounds and get back into some semblance of a shape and fall completely apart when they leave... but that's another post!


Yarn Princess said...

Guess my son loses his playmates. :)

At least i don't have to worry about him following along. He has absolutely no desire for anything military. Never has.


Terri said...

I know - they'll be calling him in the next few days about coming to visit, and it's looking like the boys won't ship out until August by the time it's all said and done. So, there's a little time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Terri, Wow - what a lot to deal with. Keeping you all in my prayers. Let us know how the jogging is going. I am pretty sure I would crumple on the ground if I tried to run!

Terri said...

Thank you, Mildred. I keep reminding myself that things happen for a reason... I appreciate the prayers.


Susie said...

Well hopefully the exercise will help reduce the extra stress of worry. I'll be sure to keep you and your sons in my prayers.

Wolfie said...

Awwwwwwww hon.... sending you lots of (((HUGS)))

Chin up.... this just means that you have raised some awesome kids!! You know that, right??


Dana said...

I don't blame you for moping one bit!! I'd be right there with you if I could. :)

simple~needs said...

oh terri, i know how you feel.
my oldest (samantha) is in texas( ft. hood)
storm is in florida( not the military life but still i am not happy). both have decided to put off college. :(
i wish they wouldnt feel like the world is passing them by....
hugs, kim

TC said...

I'm an ex-Navy man myself, a submariner. If they've not committed yet, have those two check out submarine service. Dive! Dive! Dive!

And please come get me, my "casor" needs a work out and it sounds like you have the perfect solution!

Terri said...

Susie, the exercise (as you know!) really does help - I forget how much, sometimes!

Wolfie, thanks again. :) Now, get packing, woman!!! :) We want decorated new house photos!

Dana, I'm ashamed to say I'm still moping a bit!

Kim, I feel your pain! :(

TC, I haven't been able to talk them into or out of anything for quite awhile now, so not sure how well that would work, but I'll mention it!


DayPhoto said...

My son was in the Saudi war (in th middle of the fighting), and to this day says the military was is best choice in life at 17. He is 37 now. I know and understand your fears. They are real, they are very real. But the military gives to children a sense of true accomplishment and the power of disiplin that very few people recieve.

My prayers are for you and your children, may they grow old with you, and take care of you in your elder age!

Love you Dear, this is hard, very hard. When the boys return I hope you can all say it was worth it.


Daisy said...

Terri, big hug to you. You have every right to be concerned. What mother wouldn't be. I think you are handling this well by thinking of positive things to do though, like working out with your sons. I'm saying a prayer for you and your sons here.