Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Giveaway You'll "Flip" Over!

You know, I love blog giveaways. Your odds of actually winning something are generally better than any other contest you enter, and bloggers are creative people - we come up with really cool items to give away!

That said, I knew I had to share this giveaway with my blogging buddies - it's the cutest little camcorder you ever saw! It would fit right in your handbag, or backpack. Wouldn't that be great for capturing memories of your babies (or grandbabies) and nieces and nephews, and dogs and cats and horses and CHICKENS??? Hey, chickens need love, too - don't be a hater! :)

Anyway, head on over to I Never Grew Up and sign up, and if you win that cute little camera post a video on your blog so we can all share in the fun!



Susie said...

Thanks for the "heads up" on the giveaway Terri. I better head over there right now!

Daisy said...

How cool is that! Thanks, Terri. :D

Terri said...

Susie, Daisy - I hope one of you wins! :)