Saturday, December 13, 2008

Homemade Christmas

We're having a (mostly) homemade Christmas here at Thistledew (and Clay Hill). Primarily this is due to budgetary concerns, but there's also the issue of the over-commercialization of Christmas. I know it's often said, but we've lost touch to some degree with the true meaning of Christmas. One way to move back toward a real Christmas, I think, is to put thought and time into the gifts that you give.

I can't post what I'm making here (family and friends read this blog, too!) but I can share some links. If you have any last-minute gifts to come up with, consider making them instead of buying them. You'll save money and you'll be giving something personal and thoughtful.

So, there are lots of good ideas here to get you started! There are ideas here that work even for the craft-challenged (read: me!). So get thee hence and find some inspiration, and take a few minutes sometime this weekend to think about what Christmas really means. Then go hug somebody you love!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Terri for the great links. I hope after Christmas you'll share some of the gifts that you made with us.

Daisy said...

Terri, going homemade is a great idea. Your family and friends will have gifts worth treasuring this year if it is something crafted with your hands. Thank you for all the links too!

Amy said...

What great links! I have to have my gifts in the mail by the end of the week--really sooner, so I better get busy!!

DayPhoto said...

Thanks, Terri-

I have done as you suggested and bookmarked the sites.


Thistledew Farm said...

I took the homemade pledge and if I actually get the stuff done they'll get it this year for Christmas.