Monday, December 8, 2008

Human Again

Well, I thought that was never going to end. Yuck! But, I'm feeling better tonight - albeit a bit drained! Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes and prayers - you guys are fabulous! On a positive note, I think I may have lost a couple of pounds - although that is NOT a diet I recommend!

Yes, Melissa, I know I need to do something about the stress! I'm letting myself get run down and I think it's made me susceptible to every bug that comes along. For the moment, though, I have to soldier on and I can't possibly miss another day. So, it's back to the grind in the morning!

Hannah's family has set up a blog for her here: - and, as requested, they've included a Paypal donation link. Thanks to all who have expressed an interest in helping - she really is a great kid. Mildred, I haven't delivered your card yet because I didn't want to expose the baby to what might have been something contagious and risk another hospitalization; I'll deliver it as soon as I can!

Thanks again for your patience, everyone. I'm back in the land of the living - I think! :)



Wolfie said...

Poor you. I'm glad you're on the mend now. Hope things improve from here.



Amy said...

I'm so glad you're human again! Hope finals go well for you.

Thanks for your kind words about Grandpa. I'm so grateful to have lots of great memories about him.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. I pray for Hannah and her parents to have much success in raising the funds for her room. I'll be remembering you in prayer Tues. too.

Daisy said...

So sorry to hear you've been down and out with a bug. Hope you continue to feel better and are soon good as new.

Thistledew Farm said...

Hurray, welcome back - I've been missing you! Maybe we'll be snowed in tomorrow!

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Terri said...

Thanks for stopping by, Wolfie! :) And Amy! And Mildred! And Daisy! And Melissa, tag - you're it! :)