Friday, July 17, 2009


The best night of the week. :) First, I came home and checked the mail and there was a lovely card and gift from Mildred! Melissa and I "met" Mildred through one of our giveaways, and we have enjoyed following her blog adventures since then! Mildred, thank you so much! You are so thoughtful, and so sweet. I am very fortunate to know you!

Ron and I just cooked dinner together, and now we'll sit and watch a movie with the boys. The youngest has just under three weeks left at home, so I am treasuring every moment!

The middle son has decided to stay home and go to a local college for the time being, so I will not have a completely empty nest - hooray! I'm grateful that one of the birdies will be hanging around for a bit. I'd have been very sad and lonely this fall if they'd all gone!

Have a good weekend, everyone. The weather here is supposed to be cooler and gorgeous. I want to get some studying done and I have OB call on Sunday - more babies! :)


Daisy said...

Hurray for Friday night! I'm glad you will still have one son's company to enjoy for a while longer this fall. I can understand you treasuring every moment you can, while you can, with your other son too. And hurray for babies over the weekend!! :D

blushing rose said...

Don't you dislike the 'empty nest' thought.

What a lovely surprise. Mildred is a sweet lady for sure.

Enjoy the weekend & 'visitors'. TTFN ~Marydon

Wolfie said...

Glad you are getting to enjoy your night!!

Ahhhhh.... enjoy the babies this weekend.



Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

That sounds nice. :0)

I'm watching my friends kids for the weekend at their house. So it's kind of like a mini vacation.

I'll have to check out Mildred. I'm always looking for more blog buddies.

Amber said...

Yey for babies!...
I'm glad that one of your children will keep you company while the others are away. I hope Sunday is a nice night for you and not too much craziness. You are the bestest! Catch ya later

TC said...

I dread the day it becomes an empty nest here! I get very depressed just thinking about it. I'm glad you'll have one stickin around for a while longer.

And what did you and Ron cook up for dinner? I hope it didn't make y'all "fatsis."

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri, I am happy to hear that your middle son will be home a while longer. I remember when you posted and thought everyone would be gone at once. We have had a much cooler day and I was able to tolerate yardwork for about 3 hours this a.m. It almost felt like Autumn! Glad you got your card and I hope you enjoy. Hope you have had a good day today and that tomorrow goes smoothly. Thanks for all your support/prayers/understanding about Nalley. It means a lot to us both.