Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last Call

Tonight is my last call shift as a student nurse anesthetist. I am updating this blog from our call room, between cases. This call is the 16-hour overnight kind, which are usually very difficult for me. Tonight, though, I am irrepressible. I am bouncing all over the hospital, and the OR staff are cracking up at me. I am happy no matter what!

Tomorrow morning, my husband is taking me out to breakfast to celebrate the fact that I no longer have to pull overnight trauma call, and I am having pancakes. LOTS of them. :)

And, yet, I remember... the man with dissecting aorta whose life we saved, and the young girl whose face was mauled by a pit-bull, and how I comforted her before her surgery, and the stabbings, and the car accidents, and the gunshot wounds - all of them frightened and hurting and needing comfort and care. And, yes, I remember the organ donations (I've done six) which are the most difficult cases (emotionally) for me to to do.

And so, there's a tiny piece of me that's going to miss this trauma call thing. That isn't stopping me from celebrating tonight, mind you. It's just a tiny voice inside, saying, "Yes, but look at what you've gained." Indeed. Look at what I've gained.

And I can honestly say that, even knowing how incredibly rough the journey was at times, I would do it all over again. And those pancakes are going to be fabulous, come tomorrow morning!


Wolfie said...

Yipppeeeee!!! (((HUGS)))

I'm happy for you that you are at the end.

Enjoy those pancakes and good luck in what is left to come!!


Anonymous said...

You have good reason to be bouncing off the walls tonight! I hope your pancakes are the very best ever! We are so happy for you.

Cris said...

Congratulations! You totally deserve those pancakes!!

Susie said...

Terri I can feel your excitement all the way over here. I'm so happy for you! Enjoy your pancake breakfast!

Terri said...

Thank you, everyone! The pancakes (Cracker Barrel) were great this morning, and I actually got some sleep last night, so today will be a good day!

blushing rose said...

The warmth of your service helped many, now you can enjoy those pancakes!! Have a beautiful weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

simple~needs said...

i am so proud of you!! you did it!
the world is at your feet and you gonna do good!! :0
all those experiences are what makes you good at what you do. . i know you wont ever forget them or the way they have touched your life. :)
hugs, kim
p.s. enjoy the pancakes and eat a couple for me!

Julia said...

I am so relieved for you! I still dont know why they require such long shifts. It does not make sense to me. But GREAT that you are DONE. As you are by now. :)

Daisy said...

Hurray! I hope the pancakes were yummy. You deserved every one of them. :)