Sunday, August 2, 2009

Leaving the Nest

My baby leaves for Infantry basic training tomorrow, and I am really going to miss him. He is so excited he can't stand it, though. He's been exercising for months to get ready - see the big "guns" there? :)

I really do wish he'd chosen a different path, but this is what he wants to do and now my job is to stand back and support him. And I will.

He's following his older brother's footsteps, and so far the Army has worked out very well for our oldest son. He'll finish his tour, and he's an Air Traffic Controller. So we're hoping that after that he'll find a job close to home, at least for a little while.

The oldest is currently stationed in Texas, and they'll probably deploy after the first of the year, though, and the youngest has already announced his intention to volunteer for deployment when his training is complete. So, before my oldest gets out I'll have two of the three deployed. That does not make for happy thoughts around here!

So, I'll do what mothers have done for centuries - pray, and worry, and send goodies to both of my boys. I guess those are things that we do no matter where they are, though! And tonight? Pizza at our house, since that's something he won't see again for two months.

The middle one starts college this month, but he's staying home to take classes for now, which is good. Because I'm not sure how I'd have managed a completely empty house!

And if you're a praying person, and you have a minute, send some up for my boys, and pray that I remember how blessed I am to have three adult sons who are all doing something positive with their lives.


Lisa said...

such a hard thing to do, sending your sons off like that. I'm glad one is staying close by. I did all the boys at once and it was a killer. The photo made me laugh, my James use to crack me up telling to check out his guns lol Hugs to you and I will keep you all in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I will lift your entire family up to the Lord in prayer Terri. You must be incredibly proud of all your children.

Terri said...

Lisa, thank you so much. Yes, I'm trying to focus on remembering the good times! :)

Mildred, thank you! I wish I could be proud of them here in town, though! :)

Wolfie said...

Ahhhhhh.... (((HUGS))) and prayers being said hon.

I know you're very proud of all of them.


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

This just brought tears to my eyes. I am worried for him too. He is in our prayers. I am also proud and thankful to him. :)

You read how my husband feels about it. :)

Terri said...

Wolfie, thank you! I am proud of them, but so worried, as well!

Heidi, thank you! I really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers!

Amber said...

Dave and I will pray for you and your boys during such a tough time. It is hard enough having them leave, let alone join the military. Happy thought though...only DAYS left and you will be done with school, studying, exams, UT clinicals, and busting your hump. You guys have done great!

Amy said...

I will be praying for you all. You are very blessed to have 3 sons who are doing something good.

Terri said...

Amber, yes, we are all excited about graduation! :) Thanks for the kind words!

Amy, thank you. I am really struggling today. :(

Peggy said...

My heart goes out to you. I have my youngest daughter and all 3 son in laws in the military at the same time. It was a stressful time for me when they were deployed but thank goodness they completed their time of enlistment and are now home with great jobs (thanks to military training). Will keep you and your sons in my prayers.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Your in my prayers Terri as I know it has to be hard for you to let another one spread his wings. *hugs*

Take Care,

Susie said...

I'll definitely keep them in my prayers Terri.

Terri said...

Peggy, I sincerely hope that will be the case for us. Please tell your sons and DIL thank you for their service!

Debbie and Susie, thank you both!

All of you are so kind and supportive - this blogging community is amazing!

andrea said...

my heart is with you and yours - especially once they are deployed
very proud very scary times

DayPhoto said...

I know this is hard!

I know, because I sent my son off to the Army and then on to the Saudi war. But every time he came back I saw a man. He was calmer, more confident, sure of himself and who he was and what he could be.

At 38 (today) he wishes he had made a career of the Army. He said it was fun, he saw the world(and he did---floated down the Nile, was at the wall in Berlin, when it came down, won a trip to Moscow. Things he would have never been able to do here.

I missed him, worried about him, and knew that he would be alright. Sometimes fear makes things worse, but belief in accomplishment makes things suceed.

You hang in there, you have accomplished so very much in your life giving your child (children) the right to figure out thier own life, to do it thier way, whatever that is, is one of the best gifts a parent can ever give.

We love you, Terri! Our prayers are with you and yours.


Terri said...

Andrea and Linda, thank you both so much!

Daisy said...

Prayers going up for you and your sons, Terri. Hugs to you from Daisy. :)