Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Launching children is hard work, let me tell you. The boys are all excited about their career choices, and even though I am worried (terrified!) about the prospect of all three of them serving in the military, it's hard not to be affected by their excitement.

So, an update - the youngest had his physical, qualified and signed up for the US Army Infantry. That's right - the Infantry. Queen of Battle, Hooah, and all that. Sigh. The Infantry is a mother's worst nightmare, I think, but he is determined to challenge himself and he is an adult, so I am standing down and supporting him as best I can. He is slated to leave August 4th but is trying to get an earlier slot.

The middle child takes his ASVAB test today and could be at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) this week. He has chosen the Marine Corps. If the Infantry isn't a mother's worst nightmare, the Marines might be, but again, I am giving them the freedom to choose their own path. This one thinks he will choose something in Aviation, so we'll see.

I have told both of them that I would rather see them go to college first and then join the military (if the military is truly their choice), but both boys have made it clear that this is what they want. So be it - we're a military family and I guess I have to say that the boys come by it honestly. And, supporting your adult children in choices you wouldn't select for them is difficult, but this is their life and their time, and my job now is to stand back and let them be.

And I am busy in my own right - 99 days until I graduate and I have paperwork coming out of my ears and studying to do and the clinical load is heavier than ever because we are essentially working independently now - the staff doctors are available if we need them, of course, but they are definitely letting us spread our wings a lot. This is what I've been working up to for the last ten years, so it feels really good. But time is at a premium, and it feels like everything else in my life is being neglected.

This too, shall pass. Six months from now when my house is empty and there's no more studying to be done and my workweek is cut nearly in half, I'll probably wonder what to do with myself. And I'll be sad, and I'll be whining to all of you about it - just wait and see!


Lisa said...

that's got to be a very scary place to be as a mom but also a proud thing being a military family. The empty nest is very hard but you learn to adjust in time. Hope your having a fantastic week- hugs

Anonymous said...

Keeping you all in my prayers and I'd like to wish you a very happy Mother's Day Terri.

Becca's Dirt said...

We'll be here when the whining starts and help when we can. You sure have a lot going on. I think your attitude is to be commended. It is hard to turn them loose - but we have to. School is tough and clinicals are tougher. I did not experience it but I was just before it. It'll all work out. Keep trudging along. It'll be over soon and yes you will wonder what to do with yourself.

Susie said...

And we will be there to listen and pick you up when needed!

Terri said...

Lisa, I am going to have a hard time with the empty nest thing. :(

Mildred, thank you - you are so sweet!

Becca, thank you. It's amazing how much support and friendship you can find in this blogging community!

Susie, thank you - I've come to rely quite a lot on all of you! :)


Lisa said...

yeah the empty nest is very hard, I won't kid you any. It takes time to get used to but it still will hit you every week. Call them as much as you can and have lots of photos around, it helps alot.

Amy said...

My second son already wants to join the Army. "Dude, you're nine," is my answer! I've heard that it helps boys to do a couple of years in the military before college. They're more focused on school work. Not sure if it's true.
Hhope you have a happy Mother's Day!

Wolfie said...


It goes to show you what great boys you have raised.

Oh and the studying? Soon it will be done and over and you will beable to breathe a sigh of relief.

Thinking about ya!!


Julia said...

I think two in the military would be tough for me. But I think I would also have to be supportive of their efforts too.

Happy Mom's Day!!!

Anna said...

Well there are good and bad things about joining the Military after college. I joined the Army after college and had two choises.
1. have my College loans paid off ( which was not much) or
2. Take the GI Bill and have 10,000 more for additional college.
Now the GI Bill for College is even greater so if they make it through their term of service and then want to go to college, they have a good source to pay for their college. Plus they also have an opportunity to take on line classes or college classes at colleges near where they are stationed and have the military help pay for the classes. Sometimes it's a benefit to not go to college first because you have a better chance of getting the schooling paid for by the military.

TC said...

I won't mind your whining at all. Just as long as you don't get too "friessi."

Donnell said...

It is a challenge supporting adult children in their choices regardless. It is doubly so when those choices scare you--and when you're in a better position to appreciate the scariness than they give you credit for. Nevertheless, I know you are proud of them, and I commend you in your handling of a difficult situation. There is much to be proud of all around, and much for us to support you through as well. We'll be here.

Daisy said...

Oh gosh, you are dealing with so much all at once right now. It is so difficult to just let them go on and be the adults you have trained them to be. Hang in there. Sending you a big cyber hug. :)