Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, everyone. Since it's a minor holiday, I am (as usual) on trauma call at the hospital. Not too bad so far - just three cases today for me. I'm here 'til 7 p.m. our time, though, so there's still time for something to develop! I'm going to lay low and hope things continue in this vein - I hope you've all had a great weekend!


Julia said...

Happy Mom's Day to you too!

TC said...

"Our time."

That's not heard much up here in Yankee territory. But when I lived in KY, we'd use "slow time" and "fast time" to signify Central Daylight Time, or Eastern Standard Time. And I often heard folks say "our time" meaning whatever time they had their clocks set to; slow or fast could both mean "our time" depending on the context.

Me: Hey, what time are we goin frog giggin?

Him: 12 fast time.

Me: Are you sure?

Him: "Trust" me.

(Yes ma'am, "trust" was the word verification word.)

Oh, and HAPPY MOM'S DAY to you!

Terri said...

Thank you, Julia!

TC, I've never heard of "slow time" and "fast time" before today, but it fits, doesn't it?
Thank you for stopping by!


DayPhoto said...

Happy Mother's Day to you also!