Monday, February 16, 2009

Achilles and the Funny-Looking Cat

Achilles loves cats. He likes to play with them, and cuddle with them. He would never chase them to be mean, but he is certain that they like to play tag. Tag, that, naturally, involves him running toward the cat first.

He's never been aggressive toward a cat, so he's completely puzzled as to why the sight of a 70+ pound slobbering boxer rushing at them makes cats that don't know Achilles hiss and claw and, finally, run. Once a cat has figured out that Achilles is harmless, they tend to ignore him, so from his perspective, a strange cat is way more fun than the farm cats that don't want to play very often.

This is why Achilles was very excited to learn that there was another sort of cat on the farm. This cat doesn't tend to run when you try to play with it - it tends to turn its rear toward you. And then, if you continue to try to play, it sprays you, and Achilles is not bothered by that perfume one bit. In fact, I think he likes it, because 10 p.m. last night marked the fourth time he has played with this wonderfully perfumed cat.

And this time, the funny-looking cat met Achilles right at the corner of the house, so the wonderful aroma lingers this morning, in spite of the fact that Achilles had a bath last night. The only thing I have to be thankful for, I think, is that it's cold outside, so the smell isn't overly intense.

And, this morning, since I am out of school for a few days, I am searching the 'net for polecat repellants. Because, evidently, the skunk's usual repellant has no effect on Achilles at all, so perhaps it's time to make Clay Hill a bit less attractive to the skunk. Fox urine granules seem to be the best solution, although I am certain that this product comes from foxes raised for the fur trade, and I am vehemently opposed to supporting the fur industry.

And I should clarify that last bit - I am not opposed to raising animals for food, and I am not opposed to raising animals for feathers/hide/hair/etc... but I am opposed to gratuitous cruelty and the fur industry seems saturated with it. (For that matter, so does the egg industry - hence our little henhouse outside!). And I'd rather find an option that doesn't support cruel practices.

So, if anybody has any ideas, please pass them along. In the meantime, I have every scented candle in the house burning and I can still smell the faint undertone of skunk. Don't you wish you had some of that perfume???


Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't offer any solutions. Too bad the "good" smells don't linger as long as "eau de skunk!"

Jenny said...

Funny kitty dog would probably do the same thing. No skunks around here, though. We have foxes and 2 huge racoons that live in our storm drains, but other than that just some stray cats...or should I say lots of stray cats.

Did you have to bath your dog in tomatoe juice? Does that even work? lol

simple~needs said...

i would be ready to beat

skunk repellent??

I have heard that mothballs scattered around the edges of a home (or beneath a mobile home) will do the trick.

em's scrapbag said...

So sorry. Good luck with your stinky problem.

Wolfie said...

LOL.... the "funny looking cat".... lol.

I hope you find a solution.



Terri said...

Thanks, everybody for the condolences and the ideas. The scent is still with us - :) - and I may throttle that dog!


andrea said...

oh man .. skunks can be such a PITA

I have a friend who swears by marking around his property to keep all the predators and omnivores out - he and his buddies have a beer drinking night then go out and mark territory - haven't tried it myself but if you are desperate you might enlist some manly support adn test it!

farm divas? yah I suspect I should join - how? where?

Dana said...

Oh no!!!!

I wish I could help but I've never had that problem.

Anna said...

Skunk Repellant
Amonia Soaked rags

Stuff these in the holes the skunks try and get ( ie under the house, sheds etc) The amonia irritates the skunks eyes and sends them on thier way.

Skunk Smell clean up.
Mythbusters did a test and here is what they found.

Removing skunk odor with...:

* Tomato juice: plausible
* Beer (MGD): busted
* Douche: busted
* Hydrogen peroxide + baking soda + liquid dish soap: confirmed
* Commercial skunk remover: confirmed (not as good as custom mix above)

? 1 quart (or liter) of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, H2O2. Use fresh
(unopened) hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Hydrogen peroxide eventually
turns into water (H2O).
? 1/4 cup (50 ml.) of Baking Soda
? 1 teaspoon (5 ml.) of Liquid Soap
? 1 pair of plastic or latex gloves

Julia said...

Oh how miserable! Just thinking about the smell of skunk gives me a headache... So sorry your dog loves the stench of skunk musk! I have no magic bullets for you.

Daisy said...

Oh dear!! Hope you find an answer. That's a real stinker of a problem! Achilles sure is a cutie pie though. It would be hard to stay mad at him for long.

ikkinlala said...

I have a lot of sympathy, but no ideas that haven't already been mentioned.