Monday, February 23, 2009

One Yard

If you have a yard of fabric (plus a couple of scraps), and a Princess, you can have these:
The Princess stopped by the other day, and was feeling rather bereft because she didn't have an apron. So, we went through the stash and found a yard of fabric that she liked. Then, we headed for the sewing machine.

The apron is an adaptation of the one from Diamonds, Fur & Laundry; except I used 1/2 yard of the fabric plus a couple of brown selvage ends left over from my apron giveaway. I also added pleats to the waistline before sewing it to the waistband, just because I like pleats. Oh, and I folded the bottom of the apron up and sewed it into pockets, effectively making it a harvest apron, like mine.

The bag is this one: With Love Tote, although I used just under 1/2 yard of fabric (which made a perfect Princess-sized bag). By the way, a fat quarter done up into the same tote makes an adorable little bag, and Joanne's had fat quarters for $1 each this week. Think of all the cute little bags you could have!

The final strip of fabric was sewn (I know, I know - passive voice - bad! But you all know who sewed it!) into a tube with wrong sides together, then turned right side out and pressed. And then I stitched up the ends, and it made a headband that would double as a belt, or a leash for a stuffed toy - whatever you might want to use it for! It's amazing what you can make with just over a yard of fabric and a little time!


Julia said...

Hi T,
I dont know why the mail is bouncing but here it is: If that does not work use wyethia3 at yahoo dot com.

I'm guessing this post is a "preview" of what I can post too! Very nice! ;)

Anonymous said...

The Princess looks divine and you are amazing with these creations of yours!

Susie said...

Terri this is really cute! The Princess looks adorable wearing it.

Cris said...

That is very cute! I remember making aprons for my daughters when they were little. I was interested in your post about growing sweet potatoes. Do they need a lot of sun? Unfortunately my tomatoes will be in my only sunny spot. The rest is dappled. I noticed you call yourself "Clay Hill" Farm. We live on top of a big hill and it is mostly clay! We might have something in common!

DayPhoto said...

You have got me to wanting to sew aprons for myself AND TO WEAR Them!


Terri said...

Julia, I finally got through!

Thank you, Mildred! She is a cutie, isn't she? :)

Susie, thank you! It's amazing how little it takes to make them happy, you know?

Cris, I put sweet potatoes in the flowerbed, which only gets some late afternoon sun, and they seemed to do fine. If worse comes to worse, you'll have some pretty plants, right?

Linda, run - run away! :)


Daisy said...

Such a cutie! I bet that made the Princess smile. :)