Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We've had some minor issues here at Clay Hill Farm over the weekend. I won't get into too many details, but let's just say that a certain young man is lucky that I haven't strangled him, and no, I am NOT exaggerating, and I am exhausted. Hope everybody's having a good week. I'm going to bed!


Anonymous said...

Hope you can rest and feel better tomorrow Terri.

Lisa said...

well, I hope that you get lots of rest tonight and that a certain young man knows when enough is enough and to stay out of your way. Maybe he better be borrowing a scarf to protect his neck lol sleep well.

Wolfie said...

Sorry to hear you're having issues.


I hope it all gets worked out.


countrychicken said...

Hope you feel better after getting some sleep- that always seems to make things look a little better - at least for me.

Susie said...

Hopefully he's smart enough to know he better get out of your way! Hope you have a restful day Terri!

Terri said...

Thanks, everybody. Today I can actually laugh about some of it, so things are looking up!