Thursday, February 19, 2009

Using My New Space

So, since I posted about the new sewing space yesterday, I guess I should post a couple of the projects I've made in the new space.

First, I wanted a full apron. I didn't use a pattern for this - I just kind of cobbled it together. If I were going to make another one, I'd add more fullness to the skirt - otherwise, I'm pretty pleased with it. It will serve its purpose, anyway - and anyone who's ever cooked with me (Melissa!) can attest to the fact that I really need an apron. In fact, I probably need a body tent, but an apron will have to do!

Achilles is out of the dog house thanks to some of your skunk remedy suggestions, and he is very grateful for that! He's back in his favorite spot, as you can see!

This is a re-usable shopping bag tote. I needed something to keep all of our reusable bags in. I could have put all of them in one of the reusable bags, but those bags aren't very attractive, so I wanted something different. This one isn't that attractive, either, but it is marginally more so than the shopping bags I have. And it whipped up in about an hour, so that's another plus. Also, it's made from bargain-bin fabric from my stash, so it cost less than $1.50 to make. I love frugal crafting!

Finally, I really wanted to update my kitchen curtains. There were curtains in my kitchen, but they were leftovers from another house, so they didn't really fit.

Plus, Melissa has asked for help sewing curtains for the new house - gulp! I tried to get out of this - I pleaded my schedule, I offered to loan her my sewing machine, but she replied that she wanted to borrow it AND me!

So, I felt like I needed a little practice, and since the kitchen needed curtains that weren't hand-me-downs, I took this opportunity to play a little. I wanted a beachy, spring-like feel without shells or lighthouses or any of the stuff you usually associate with the beach. I think I succeeded in that part, and I'm pleased with the lighter feel they give to the kitchen.

And after making these curtains for my kitchen, and getting an up-close view of my own sewing skills, I am convinced that Melissa is making a huge mistake. Melissa, you don't want me anywhere near your curtains! Run, run away!


Anonymous said...

I love your new creations. The apron and the bag holder are so cute and functional and amazing that the bag cost so little to make! Good for you. I really love the kitchen curtains - I love the colors and yes, they do remind me of the beach.

Terri said...

Thank you, Mildred! Yes, I'm having fun with my new space! :)

Wolfie said...

The things you are making look awesome!!

Great job!!

You go girl!!


Susie said...

All your newly created things are so cute. I'm so envious of how creative you are. Keep up the good work!

Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

Love the tote bag.
Great to have a special space to craft isn't it? I made one for my jewellery and it inspires me because I know I don't need to spend 10 minutes taking everything out and then 20 minutes tidying up when I'm finished. I just leave it on my table.

Terri said...

Thank you, Wolfie! My things aren't as nice as yours, but I enjoy making them!

Thank you, Susie! I'm enjoying my little crafty vacation!

Helen, having your own space makes all the difference, doesn't it? I love being able to leave things in progress on the sewing table!

Julia said...

That is totally cool to have a sewing station. Do you need a new apron sewing book to go with it? Got one for giveaway this week. And we need a close up of the apron you made too! I have got to learn to use the sewing machine my mom gave me. It's like 40 yrs old but works great. bye for now, J :)

Daisy said...

Your curtains are very pretty, Terri! I like the colors. They do have a beachy feel. :D