Friday, February 27, 2009

Saturday Call

I have weekend call this week (and, as it turns out, every weekend in March until the last one), which means an extended workweek and less time to recuperate (and blog). Add to that the mini-drama going on around here and you may see a bit less of me for a few days. Still, I can't complain - February was a good month, and at least March will go quickly! And each month that goes by puts me one more month toward graduation.

I potted some new rosemary starts yesterday. They've been growing for a month or more in the kitchen window and were ready for a new home. I started some lavendar in their place, and we'll see how that goes. We started with one rosemary plant that Melissa bought a couple of years ago, and we've turned it into literally dozens of plants all over the farm. We use rosemary on an almost daily basis, and it is such a lovely plant. It's evergreen, so it gives some interest to the winter garden, and it tolerates benign neglect very well, which makes it the perfect plant for me!

And now I've got to get some studying done. Have a good weekend, everyone!


Dana said...

You certainly sound like you have your hands full lately. Hang in there!

Anna said...

I love rosemary, but I've not had much luck keeping it growing. Myt favorite recipe is a rosemary herb bread. Love it. Good luck with all the other stuff going on.

Terri said...

Yes, Dana, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately! :)

Anna, rosemary is pretty easy to grow - if you'll tell me what you're doing with it maybe we can figure out what it doesn't like at your place.

Daisy said...

Good luck with your rosemary and lavender. As for your schedule and all that you are dealing with, I know you will get through it. Remember to allow time to take care of yourself. During times of stress you need to give yourself a break and allow yourself a little down time whenever you can. :)