Thursday, September 25, 2008

More photos

Well, since I'm on a photo kick this week, I thought I might as well continue that theme. Here's a photo of the whole family at my oldest son's graduation from Army basic training. The boys have gotten taller, Ron and I have gotten a bit heavier and I donated my hair to Locks of Love, so it's short now. My hair is also darker - I quit coloring it when I started graduate school - there's no money in the budget for hair color now!

I went through these photos later and asked the younger boys why they weren't smiling, and they sheepishly 'fessed up to trying to look tough next to their soldier brother. So, what do you think - do they look tough?

Here are the horses in the lower pasture - at the time, Flash (Ashley's horse) hadn't come to live with us, and this is what the pasture looked like before two years of drought rendered it parched. Still, with some work we think we can get it back, now that there's an actual well on the property.

Now, if I could just get the fear of the well drying up out of my head - I am convinced that the well will dry up. There's no reason to believe it will - it's a fine well that produces over 20 gallons a minute (I'm told that's a reasonable amount), and if it did everybody in the area would be in the same boat, but still, I have nightmares about it. Maybe it's a past-life experience peeking through!

Here's the honkin' play set that all the boys built for the princess when we first bought the farm. It's still there, behind the house, but this year we've had trouble with wasps infiltrating it. We're going to have to figure out some way to keep the wasps out of there so the kids don't get stung playing. Wasp repellant recipes, anyone?

We put a small rock friendship garden in front of the playset, and the princess had her friends paint rocks for it. We also planted strawberries, which amazingly actually survived the drought. Ron wants to put a bocce court out there, as well, and when the landscaping's done we'll probably do that. Bocce is fun and easy for everybody, regardless of skill level, to play.

And now I have some studying to do, so I'll close this. Have a good night!


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