Friday, September 26, 2008

The weekend!

I am so glad the weekend is finally here! It has been such a long week, and I have been so exhausted - it felt like I was moving through molasses all week and I had to force myself to keep going. But now I can get some rest, and sleep a little later, and have a glass of wine - it's all good!

So, the weekend wouldn't be the weekend at Thistledew without a project list, and here's mine:

1. Help Melissa get the siding stained - she has been working diligently, mostly on her own because I've been swamped, and we need to finish that project this weekend.

2. Clean out both garden beds and plant a fall salad garden and fall vegetables. We're actually a little late on this, but what grows we'll eat, and what doesn't will get fed to the chickens.

3. Clean the chicken coop and add the resultant debris to the compost pile.

4. Get some more cuttings from plants started to overwinter in the garage. We want to have very little outlay for plants next year, and with a little work and planning this year, we think it can happen!

5. Spend at least six hours working on the thesis and three hours studying over the course of the weekend. I can't ignore my coursework, even though I really want to do so!

6. Make this recipe:, so I have something filling and nutritious for a quick breakfast on the way to the hospital in the mornings. Once in awhile I make time to eat oatmeal, and it keeps me going all morning. In my mind, this is amped-up oatmeal you can hold in your hand! But we'll see.

7. Catch up on my clinical logs - I'm a little behind on the required paperwork detailing the kinds of cases I've done and how much time I've spent doing them - have to stay on top of that or it quickly overwhelms.

I really ought to add some housework to that list, but Ron and the boys have been good about helping out - the house isn't perfect, but it isn't horrible, either, so I think I'll just do a bit here and there and call it good.

So, that's it - my to-do list. I'll post again on Sunday and list what I've accomplished - if I can get everything on the list done I'm going to give myself some sort of treat. Not sure what, yet, but something! Any suggestions for low-cost (or free!) treat-type things? I'm open!

Have a great weekend!



Karen said...

Hey Terri, Thanks for commenting on my blog! I see that you're a gardener and that you're going to take starts off of plants to start new ones. I am going to have to pick your brain about all this! I have a greenhouse and am wanting to learn to do this. Just think of all the plants you could own taking clippings everywhere you go! Karen

Thistledew Farm said...

Hurray Karen, welcome to the blog. A lot of our plants are recycles or reinvigorated so to speak. I am very jealous of your greenhouse. We dream of one on the joint property Terri's and my family own. Hopefully next fall we'll have a potting shet built out of left over building materials from our house. With a green house you should be able to start tons of things! Again Welcome!

Terri said...

Karen, thanks for stopping by! Oh, and cuttings are so easy! Clip them, plop them in water with some willow branches or a little rooting hormone, or even plain water, and wait and see what grows... some things do really well, and some things, not so well - but, hey - free plants! What's not to like? :)