Friday, September 19, 2008


Today I am potting some plants that I got for free. Yes, free - I grew them from cuttings! Many plants are easy to grow from cuttings... here at Thistledew we've successfully started coleus, sage, rosemary, lavendar, mint, geraniums, petunia and philodendron from cuttings. And, really, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I use small glasses or tiny, dollar store vases as cutting starters. I put the freshly-cut plant into the water and see what grows. Try it - you'll be amazed at what will take root. I figure that even if something doesn't take root, it looks pretty in a glass jar on the kitchen windowsill. And if it does root, we plant it!

For more stubborn plants, a jar of rooting hormone costs less than $5 and lasts forever. Or, if you have willow trees nearby (any variety), willow cuttings stimulate root development on other plants, so you can have a rooting medium for free. Just cut some green willow branches and soak them in water - the resulting solution will help your little cuttings get off to a good start!

Our budget doesn't allow much room for plants, so our landscaping next year will consist of plants we've started from seed in early spring (under a grow light in the garage) and plants we've overwintered in the garage and in the house, that can be propagated through cuttings. You really can have beautiful flowers and plants for very little effort - just gather some cuttings and give it a try!


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