Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, I made some headway on my to-do list today, but it might not all get done tomorrow. We did get the salad garden planted, though. I cleaned the old plants out of the bed and then Melissa raked it smooth. Then we planted spinach, lettuce and broccoli. It was misting rain all morning, so we didn't have to water - that saved some time. I also took a bunch of cuttings and put them in the kitchen window to see what will start. My kitchen smells like fresh herbs!

The hummingbirds are mostly gone, now, but I did put some more syrup out for the few stragglers that remain. I saw only about four birds this morning, down from a high in July of 16 at one time on the various feeders. I guess I thought they'd be around a little longer, but it is nearly the end of September, so of course they've started migrating.

I harvested one more batch of tomatoes from the raised bed this afternoon - we had them for dinner with a spinach salad. There are some green tomatoes still on the vines, as well as some flowers, but surely the first frost can't be that far off. So, I'm not sure how much more we'll get. I will try to cover the plants and extend the harvest a little bit - we'll see how that goes.

The compost pile has a volunteer potato plant growing in it - I'll leave it alone until the frost kills the plant, and then see what we've got. I tend to do newer material toward the back of the pile sdo that I can pull from the front of the pile to put in the garden, and the plant is on the front edge of the pile. Hey, we might get a few usable potatoes out of it - even if they're only good for chicken feed!

And, on a less positive note, I have managed to lose an entire anesthesia review book - the one that would cost $240 to replace, naturally. It couldn't be a $15 book, right? Anyway, I can't find it. Frustrating. My house simply isn't that big - the book has GOT to be here. I am racking my brain, trying to figure this out! I need to be studying the stupid thing, not wasting time hunting it! Oh, well - tomorrow is another day and surely that stupid book will turn up.

Good night, everyone!



simple~needs said...

terri, i hope you find the book. look everywhere! i remember one time i thought i lost my tablers book. one of the girls had placed their books on top of it so when they picked it up, they had my book too.

Terri said...

Thanks for stopping by! I hope I find it, too - I really can't afford to replace it, and it IS essential! :(