Sunday, September 14, 2008

Post, The First....

Welcome to the Internet home of Clay Hill Farm (a tiny division of Thistledew Farm). We are a collaboration between two familes who are looking for a more self-reliant, somewhat simpler way of life. Okay, I guess I should be a little more honest - the women in the family are seeking simplicity and self-reliance... the men involved are not altogether convinced that it's a good idea!

The women involved are Melissa and Terri; we are married to brothers and we drag one another through all sorts of wonderful, zany adventures, usually prefaced by the statement, "We could do THAT!" Those are dangerous words, though, and on more than one occasion we've ended the day up to our elbows in paraffin, or dried herbs, or potting soil, with no clue as to what to do next! But we always prevail in the end, or at least we pretend that we do, and we come out wiser and stronger for the experience.

I am Terri; I am a graduate student (in Nurse Anesthesia), and a wife and mother of three sons. I enjoy cooking, gardening, sewing, hiking, running, reading, horses, chocolate and good red wine. This blog will, at times, discuss all of the above, and is a sister blog to the Thistledew site. So, you can read about Melissa's perspective on her blog and about mine on this one. Just to keep things interesting (and because we can't keep our hands out of one another's projects), I will occasionally post over at Thistledew & Melissa will occasionally post here.

So, stop by anytime - the door is always open and I'll put the coffee on!


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