Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I was sorting through some digital photos today, and that reminded me that our buddy Lisa has asked a couple of times about photos. Also, I still have writer's block, so what easier way to deal with that than to post photos and write about them? So, here goes:

These are my handsome sons - from left to right, Joshua, Brian and Sean. Joshua is in the Army, serving in South Korea. Brian and Sean still live at home, and Brian is the high-flying young man who helped install some beautiful windows this week!

This photo was taken on a Christmas snowboarding trip - instead of buying gifts, we took the boys to the slopes for five days. They said it was the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! :)

This is Achilles, our boxer. He is the most senior dog in the house, and takes himself (and his naps, and his food) very seriously... until somebody suggests a game, that is, and then he's all for it! His favorite thing to do is go for a car ride, and his second favorite thing to do is to go visit Melissa up at the building site. Sometimes, he sneaks up there on his own!

He's had surgery on one knee, and needs it on the other knee, but his mama is a chicken about putting him through it again. He's a good, brave dog, though, so I am sure he will come through with flying colors once again! And, yes, I put people to sleep for surgery every day - but I can talk to my patients and tell them what I'm doing and why! I can't explain it to the dog, and he just knows that he hurts. So, I'm waffling.

Here are the two younger boys, Brian and Sean, with our mare, Mystique. The boys were grooming her after a training session, and no, that isn't our barn but I wish it was!

She is a Tennessee Walking Horse/Spotted Saddle cross and the boys ride her around the farms, and occasionally on the equestrian trails behind the property. I am mostly too busy to ride, these days, and I'm a bit of a chicken in my old age. Melissa is patient with me, though - she's the equestrian expert in the family and I'm lucky to have her as a friend!

Well, that should do, for a start. I'll post more photos tomorrow! Right now dinner is on the table and I've got to go!



Lisa said...

you have a beautiful family. It makes me miss my boys so much. I raised 5 of them. the two oldest which are now 27 and 26 were his kids yet I raised them so considered them mine. I guess they finally decided that out of site, out of mind. I haven't seen them in a year. My oldest was killed by a car 2 years ago, my next one is 21 and lives in a special house in town- he has downs and my last one is 9 and he's the one I have with the crazy custody. I was a mom of so many now the mom of one every other week. lol I'm off on a tangent again ! beautiful family you have there. Thanks for the photos.

Terri said...

I am so sorry about your sons, Lisa - it's a shame the older two didn't stay in touch. And the loss of the older one - I can't even imagine how hard that was. You're a strong woman. I'm glad you still have the younger two in your life, and I'm sorry you don't have as much of them as you'd like. :(


simple~needs said...

terri, thanks for commenting on my blog!! i am definitely adding you to my faves. :)

Thistledew Farm said...

Great photo's, they made me smile. Terri has done a great job with her boys, they are very polite and well spoken. And Achilles is so funny, he wags his bum for want of a tail and you can't help but snuggle him.