Saturday, June 27, 2009

Case Totals

Because I am a student, I have to keep track of every anesthetic case I am involved in. We have a tracking program that we use to enter all the details about what we did and the length of time it took. This is a royal pain, and I hate doing it. One of the best things about graduating is that I won't have to do that any longer.

Because I hate it, I procrastinate. The tracking program only lets you go back four weeks, though, so guess how long I procrastinate? Yup - about a month. This morning I have to put a month's worth of case totals in. Still, my method means I only have to face the awful thing once a month, and with less than two months to go I have just twice more (after today) to deal with it.

But, it's Saturday morning, and I slept as much as I wanted to. I have a tiny dog curled up on my feet and the History Channel on the television, and a cup of coffee nearby. It could be worse! I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Certain tasks I put off as long as possible too! Otherwise, it sounds like a perfect Sat. morning for you. I sure hope we get some rain this weekend.

Susie said...

Well sounds like you are trying to make the best of a situation. Try to enjoy your day as much as possible.

Daisy said...

I hope you breeze through it and are done with it before you know it. I am the same way with balancing the checkbook and paying the bills. I hate that chore and procrastinate with it too. Once you're done, hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

Terri said...

Mildred, we could use some here, too. It is so hot outside!

Susie, other than that little unpleasant task, it has been a good day! Thanks for stopping in!

Daisy, it never takes as long as I imagine it will, so I don't know why I dread it so much!

Have a good weekend, all!