Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Night

Friday evening is the best evening of the week. I don't have anything due or anything to do until Monday. (Except study, of course!). There are two glorious days ahead and they are all mine. I have some yard work in mind, and maybe a little sewing... and comprehensive exams (required to graduate) are two weeks away, and the board exam (required to earn a living) is just over ten weeks away, so the yard work and the sewing might be put on hold for a bit while I hit the books.

But I can still revel in the idea of two free days, can't I? Have a great weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I think you deserve some time in the garden to take in the sights and sounds and smells of nature and you love sewing so, you should treat yourself to a project or just to a look over your stash of material. It will make the studying go better. Enjoy!

Wolfie said...

Ahhhh... you deserve some down-time.

It's getting closer to the end all the time. I know you are going to do great!!!


Terri said...

Mildred, Wolfie - you may have something there! I'll try to take some "me" time this weekend! :)

Daisy said...

Revel away, Terri. Hope you are getting to enjoy at least some of your weekend in between the studying rounds.

Keep counting it down--you'll get there!

Hugs from Daisy. :D