Sunday, June 21, 2009

Insanity... adding one more load of straw onto an overloaded camel and hoping his back won't break. That's what I did when I signed on for the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along. I knew I didn't have time to make a quilt, but I really, really wanted to!

So, I did what any sensible person would do, and I pulled together some fabric and I started cutting it. Here it is, cut into strips and lined up:

And I told myself I'd stop with the cutting, but I was lying. I didn't stop there, not at all. I sewed that fabric into squares and then I sewed the squares together, and then I put a border around the whole thing.

And here it is, sewn into a quilt top.

I worked on it two to three hours a week, and I played anesthesia lectures in the sewing room while I sewed, so I wouldn't feel too guilty about playing when I should have been studying. It's a small, throw-sized quilt (49" x 59") and will probably shrink up a little more when I quilt it. So, it will be about 48" x 58", which is great for throwing over your legs on a cool evening but not so big that it's unmanageable when you're sewing it.

I wanted something summery, and patriotic, and a bit old-fashioned looking. I think I succeeded there. However, I am the Swedish Chef at a sewing machine, I really am. Look closely and you'll see that some of the seams don't match up as they should, and some of my squares aren't as square as they ought to be. It's handmade, there's no doubt about it.

I wanted it to turn out nicely because, well, I was thinking of making it the center of my summer giveaway. But I'm not sure it's nice enough for that, and I definitely want to see how it turns out once it's quilted. And I can't touch it again (I really can't) until I finish exams this week.

So, there may or may not be a quilt giveaway in these parts come July. But, giveaway or no, I'll definitely post photos (even if it turns out badly and has to become a dog bed) and show you the finished product. And I'll try very hard to curb my insanity until AFTER I finish exams, next time!


Anonymous said...

That is so pretty - I love your choice of fabrics. I've never quilted but I sure love choosing fabrics!

Terri said...

Mildred, choosing the fabrics is lots of fun, isn't it? Just wait until I'm actually getting paid for the work that I do and see what fabrics I come up with then! :)

Lisa said...

you know Terri, I'm a professional seamstress and I used to make wall quilts and sell them at the fairs. I'm picky about my own work and used to point out the booboos to everyone that looked at them. Then a little old woman that had her table across from mine came over to me and told me to stop. She said Honey, people that buy these either don't have the time to sew or don't know how. They will never notice the small mistakes so don't point them out. They are just happy to buy your beautiful work. I stopped that day and realized that she was right. It's beautiful Terri !

Susie said...

Well first of all I think it would make a great giveaway cause it's a piece of you.

But it really is lovely. You definitely achieved a patriotic feel to it.

I have two quilts my grandmother made and everytime I look at them I am reminded of her.

I think you did a great job!

Yarn Princess said...

Ok... it's settled... I'm gonna pick out some fabric and a pattern (I'll keep it simple!) and send it to your house to give you something to do after you graduate. ;)

It really is pretty cool looking.

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Oh my gosh! I am in love. That is such a beautiful quilt. I totally covet it. Can I come over and have you show me how to make one? :)

Wolfie said...

I think it looks awesome. Don't sell yourself short.

And if it's anything like the totes I got from you.... it is much better than you think it is!!

So there!! *wink*

(((HUGS))) and hang in there.... studying and tests will be over before you know it!!!


Goat Creek Grandma said...

I love your quilt! You did a wonderful job. I so need to get my sewing machine out.

Hope you have a good week,

DayPhoto said...

Your quilt is beautiful! Good luck! You are rounding the curve to the end now!


Terri said...

Lisa, I know that is good advice and I will work on that! :)

Susie, thank you! There is something very personal abotu a quilt, isn't there?

YP, I can MUBAR a pattern like nobody's business (Mess Up Beyond All Recognition)! - that's what's perfect about this quilt - there IS no pattern!

Yes, Heidi, come on over! It's just a short drive from the West Coast out to East Tennessee, I'm sure your husband won't mind! :) Tell him he's got the kids for a week...

Wolfie, you are kind, as always!

Debbie, thank you. And, yes, get out your sewing machine and show us what you do with it! :)

Thank you, Linda, and yes, I'm definitely getting close! :)


Amy said...

So beautiful! I think it looks wonderful!

Julia said...

I have such quilt envy!! Sigh...

Bellamere Cottage said...

I LOVE it....and your color choices. Much more interesting than something that is too matchy-matchy....


Daisy said...

It's beautiful, Terri! I think you did a great job on it. :D