Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Evening, Again

Yep - still the best evening of the week. Today I covered cardiovascular service, which means I did anesthesia for heart surgery. It was a good day because for the afternoon they paired me with a resident anesthesiologist and he and I took turns taking breaks and doing the work - I can safely say that I today was the best time I've ever had doing hearts.

It's funny - all the things that used to scare the daylights out of me (pediatrics, obstetrics, cardiovascular surgery) are now just another day. I still go in a little early on those days, just because you never know what might happen. But I don't stress over it like I used to. I know what to do. I think maybe I've learned something in the past three years! Now I just have to prove that on the comprehensive exams in ten days or so, and on my board exam in 2-3 months.

And, tonight? A glass of wine and an early night sound pretty good to me! Oh, and one more hint on the giveaway "box" - The Pioneer Woman might like it! Have a great weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

You enjoy your weekend too Terri!

Wolfie said...

Enjoy your "glass" and an early night. You deserve it!!!



Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Your awesome you know.

simple~needs said...

hope you have a good weekend.
the wine sounds great!
i am loving the giveaway goodies. the earrings are to die for!
i love pioneer woman's blog. always so much to look at. :)
did you get a new phone? just a suggestion before you sign a contract... see if you can find one on craigslist or freecycle. then all you need is the replacement SIMS card. i think thats right. lol. they are about 25.00- 40.00 and you can still use your own number. i had asked the guy art radio shack and thats what he told me.
i got my camera phone from freecycle. i tokk a plate of cookies when i went to pick it up and the guy also gave me the hand free headset too. :)
you are going to do great on your comprehensive tests and boards...
don't fret chickie!!
don't forget the board tests seem to pick up on your weaknesses by asking a question and if you get it wrong they throw out another generally in the same category .
p.s.the cucumbers look great too....
hugs, kim

Susie said...

Hope you enjoy your evening girl, cause you deserve it. Sounds to me you are just becomming less "wet behind the ears". Glad everything felt good to you.

Daisy said...

It feels good to be confident in what you're doing, doesn't it. You're doing great. Hang in there. You'll have those tests over with and behind you before you know it. Hope you have a nice weekend! :D

TC said...

I'm awed by anyone who can work in the medical field. You're awesome Ms. Terri! (I just hope you never encounter anyone with "macefe" syndrome.)

Loved the "burand" sentence you came up with. You're very creative.