Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Trauma Call & A Winner!

You might think of summer as beach season, or play season, or gardening season. I think of summer as trauma season. Trauma call this time of year is like an anesthesia marathon. You simply keep working until it's time to go home. Today was just 12 hours - some of our calls are 16's and those can be tough.

Today was a typical trauma season day. Four broken jaws, two broken arms, two broken hips, a broken leg and a tracheotomy from the critical care unit, complete with life support machine. We have to go get those patients and take them to the operating room ourselves, because during transport WE become their life support.

I did actually get a couple of breaks today, though, so some of you may notice that I stopped by your blogs at lunchtime. :) There wasn't enough time to study, anyway, and I needed a pick-me-up!

So, I haven't forgotten all of you, I simply had a few things to do before I could get to the fun stuff. And get to the fun stuff we will! Thank you so much to all who entered for all of your kind comments. You guys really do keep me going, do you know that? So, the winner of the Clay Hill Farm Homemade Jewelry & Mystery Container Giveaway is...... Heidi 'n' Jeff!!!

So, get back to me, Oh Matriarch of The Crafting, Swimming, Picnic-packing and Library-going Clan! Give me your snail addy and I will send your package out post-haste! Oh, and if the jewelry (or the container) are not your style, it absolutely won't hurt my feelings if you regift it to someone else that might be more suited. I mean, I'll cry a bit, and sulk for a week or two, but it won't be anything lasting, you know?

I'm kidding. Please feel free to pass it on if you can't abide wearing it or using it - things are made to be loved, and if you don't love it, pass it on. :)

Have a great week, everybody, and I promise a jewelry-making tutorial in ten days or so, after that pesky test is over!



Anonymous said...

Congrats to Heidi and Jeff and you hang in there Terri!

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

YES!!! I WON!!! Thank you so much! I totally needed a pick me up and this is just the ticket. :) I can't wait to get them.

Thanks soooooo much! :))

Where do you want me to send my address?

Daisy said...

Oh my! A day in trauma sounds like a very long day indeed!

Congratulations to the winner of the giveaway!

And Terri, you'll make it through that test. Soon it will be behind you. Best of luck to you with your studies. :)

I'll be cheering for you here in Ohio.

Amy said...

Congrats to Heidi 'n' Jeff...Rats, I didn't win!!

simple~needs said...

congrats heidi!!! you are a lucky gal! :)

Terri said...

Heidi, you can e-mail me through my profile. I also left a comment on your blog with my e-mail address. Congratulations!

Mildred, Daisy, Kim & Amy - thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind comments! :)

Julia said...

Dang! That's a lot of hurt! But glad it's not you. Keep up the great spirit. And please dont loose it. I can tell from my trips in the ER with me, my kids and husband over the years, how much some of the nurses don't like it any more!