Saturday, June 20, 2009


From Wikipedia: Theories are analytical tools for understanding and explaining a given subject matter. Almost every field of study has a theoretical framework as its base. I am revisiting nursing theory for my comprehensive exams on Wednesday.

Let me just say, first, that I love being a nurse. I really do. That doesn't mean I love everything about my job, but from the moment I stepped into a patient care role, I felt like this is where I was meant to be.

I think I can safely say that I'm good at it, too. I'm honest about what I am not good at - I'm terrible at balancing the checkbook, at keeping my car clean and at anything involving a ball coming at me that I have to interact with. I'm short and I'm stocky and I'm absentminded. I can't put together a matching outfit to save my life. I'm not even really very good with my computer, although I use it incessantly. But nursing? I've got that one, and I know it. And I have countless stellar evaluations to back that up.

So, you'd think that nursing theory would come easily, wouldn't you? Well, it does not. Oh, no. It turns out that what I am good it is the practical part of nursing, and the hard science - the theory throws me a curveball (and gives me raging headaches) every stinkin' time I have to deal with it. And this time? I have to produce a legible paper from memory regarding nursing theory (among other things) for comprehensives next week, and I can't graduate unless I pass.

It doesn't help that whenever I read this stuff there's a tiny part of my brain whispering, "...but he isn't WEARING any clothes at all!" So, the fault does lie with me - I can't wrap my head around it, in part, because I just don't buy it.

But, I have to successfully wrangle it one way or another, because I surely didn't come this far to turn back now. So, it's back to work for me. I hope all of you are enjoying the sunshine and the weekend. I am watching the naked emporer show off his threads, and trying to make sense of it all. See you next week!


Julia said...

You will manage!!! Just start writing and it will come. I am betting you already had this essay finished by the time I am making this comment since I am so behind on making rounds!

Daisy said...

Did someone say something about looking at a naked man? That's a good thing, right?! HA HA HA! Sorry, I'm so bad, Terri. I couldn't resist. I hope things went well for you today. 49 and counting, right? :D

Hugs from Daisy.

Terri said...

Thank you, Julia! Yes, it's over - thank heaven!

Daisy, you crack me up! Always looking on the bright side, that's you! :)