Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Phone & the Tub...

...are NOT a good match. In case you were wondering.

I was sore the other morning when I got up for school, and I decided that instead of a shower I could spare ten minutes to soak in a hot bath. I thought it would help my "running with the boys" muscles, and get me off to a good start.

So, I got up and put the bath on, and set the phone on the rim of the tub. Why did I have my phone at 4:30 a.m., you ask? Because it is also my alarm clock - I grabbed it as I was getting up and carried it with me. I don't really know why I did that - it was 4:30 and I was half asleep, I guess.

So, after starting the bath (and leaving the phone), I went out to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal. When I came back to the bathroom, the phone was sitting in the middle of the tub full of warm water. I must have hit the "snooze" button, and when the alarm went off again it generated just enough force to propel the phone into the water.

I grabbed the phone and took it apart and immediately dried it with the blow-dryer, but it was no use. The phone is kaput, and I am without my lifeline. I literally use my cell phone for everything - I use it as an alarm clock, and a calculator, and a calendar, and a message center. My peripheral brain is gone and I am struggling.

Oh, and do we have the money for a new phone? No. No, we don't. And I was going to get myself a Palm Pre after graduation, but there's no way I'll be able to justify getting a phone now, and then getting another in two months. And I can't go two months without a phone - we don't have a landline, because the phone company wanted $3000 just to lay the line, and we use cell phones most of the time, anyway, so we didn't have the phone line put in.

I guess this is Somebody's way of telling me I didn't need that Pre. It was a frivolous want, to be sure. I don't NEED a phone that takes video. But I do need a phone with basic phone and text functionality, and I need that soon. So, Ron's going to go see what's on special through our phone company, and probably sign another contract (yet another thing I didn't want to do) to get a good deal. He's a good guy, that husband of mine. He didn't even fuss, bless him.

So, I'll get a new phone tomorrow. But it isn't exactly a happy occasion. And I'm kicking myself over it. Sigh.

On a happier note, the giveaway is going strong. If you're here to enter it, drop down one post. I promise I'll try to post a jewelry-making tutorial after I finish comprehensive exams in two weeks. It's super easy - you all will laugh when you see how easy it is, and you may never buy ready-made jewelry again! And, another hint on the *box* I mentioned before - some people consider it highly collectible. :)


Susie said...

Poor thing, no wonder you were having a bad day. I'm sorry to hear about your phone. I hope tomorrow is better for you.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Sorry about the phone. We wouldn't have one here if it weren't for the internet. (gotta love dial-up) I hope your having a better day.

Take Care,

Wolfie said...

Awwww hon.... sorry about the phone.

I was sitting here (as I read the post) thinking.... geeeee.... do I have an old one I can send her that she can get activated?

But I have ones that don't have texting except on the numbers ... and that's a pain.

So .... I'm glad you'll be getting another one.... even if it wasn't when or what you wanted exactly.


Terri said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone :). Phone issue fixed - not what I thought I wanted, but it has what I need, so we're okay.

Amy said...

Oh no! I dropped mine in a the dish water once....Never worked again. Glad the giveaway is going well, though!

Julia said...

Your phone story is way better than mine! I had to buy a new phone because mine vaporized in my house and has never been seen again. And my house is only 800 sqft. So YOUR phone loss is much more interesting than mine. And now you have a great story about your floating phone.

em's scrapbag said...

So sorry about your phone. I know what a bummer that can be. My son dropped ours in the mop bucket when he was little. What a headache.

Daisy said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about your phone, Terri. It is hard to be without them these days. I'm glad to hear you have a replacement.