Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Julie/Julia Project

I just finished reading "The Julie/Julia Project" by Julie Powell. I know that this puts me behind the eight-ball. That book is sooo last year! But I am not a trendy person, and anyway this time last year I was a little bit preoccupied, with, you know, my graduate degree and the upcoming board exam, and little trivial details like that.

I enjoyed the book very much, but I'm a little bit ambivalent about some aspects of it. First, the author has a sailor's mouth. Now, I'm not a prude, but the people that I hang around with aren't usually given to gratuitous cursing. So that was a little bit off-putting.

Second, the author seems to care a great deal about a person's political leanings. Maybe that goes along with living in the Northeastern United States, though. Around here, we tend to vote more for the person and the issue than the political party, but maybe that's just my little group.

Finally, the author is just a little, well, whiny. I don't have any room to complain about that, though, because I have to confess that I'm rather whiny myself. Especially in the winter. Reading about her whininess reminded me uncomfortably of my own whininess, and made me resolve to do better. We'll see how long that lasts!

Those details aside, though, it was a good read. If you haven't read it, it might be worth hunting down a copy. And it made me want to cook! Specifically, it made me want to cook French food. Since I don't own any French cookbooks, I looked online for some simple recipes.

My first effort was Oeufs en Cocotte aux Fines Herbes. This is simply eggs baked in cream with herbs. I used fresh eggs from our own hens. Where have you been all my life, Oeufs en Cocotte aux Fines Herbes? You are delicious! And so easy! I found the recipe and tutorial here:

For dessert last night, I made Chocolat Pots de Creme - essentially a rich chocolate custard. Again, very simple and incredibly rich and delicious. Where have you been all my life, French food???? I found the recipe here:

I think I may need to travel to France. Purely for educational purposes, you understand. Because if the French food I can make in my little kitchen is this good, I might need to try the real thing!


Susie said...

Sounds like a great idea! Can I go with you?

I haven't read that book but loved the movie.

Terri said...

Susie, yes! Come with me - we'll try the food from all the regions of France! We owe it to our blog readers to get the authentic tastes, after all! :)

I think this is one where the movie might have been a little better than the book - if only because Meryl Streep was amazing as Julia Child.

Daisy said...

Well, Terri, I haven't read the book or seen the movie! :-)

The dishes you made sound delicious! Is there room for another to join you on that trip to France? I'd like to go too.

Terri said...

Daisy, yes, I'm sure we can find room for another! :)

DayPhoto said...

I haven't read the movie or watched the book either. But your recipe is wonderful. I was needing something different for breakfast and this is just perfect.


Terri said...

Linda, I'm glad you liked it! :)