Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wardrobe Refashion or I Have Officially Lost It

Okay, if you know us here at Clay Hill/Thistledew, you know we hate waste. And you know we think that, global warming notwithstanding, humans have not been very good stewards of the wonderful environment we've been given. And we're trying to make small changes where we can to do our part to change that.

So, I've been toying with the idea of signing on to the Wardrobe Refashion for several months now. I do think modern Americans own too many clothes. And many modern clothing manufacturers rely on sweatshop labor to produce their wares, which I find extremely distasteful. Also, the manufacturing process used to turn fibers into wearable garments is not environmentally friendly, by any stretch of the imagination. But I've been reluctant to take the final step, for several reasons.

Reason number one: I am not a very skilled seamstress. I can sew straight lines. That's pretty much it. Constructing garments is very different from constructing tote bags or pillows or quilts, and, frankly, it's intimidating. Yeah, I'm a chicken!

Reason number two: I have no (I mean ZERO) sense of style. A person who is creating her own garments really ought to have a little idea about how to make said garments fit into a stylish wardrobe. Don't you think?

Reason number three: I am carrying around ten extra pounds. I know ten pounds doesn't sound like a lot of weight, but I am very short. Ten pounds is nearly two dress sizes for me. If I lose the extra weight (as I certainly hope to do this spring), I'd dearly love some new clothes as a reward.

But, the truth of the matter is that I can learn to do anything that anyone else can learn to do. I know this because I have learned to do all manner of crazy things over the past several years. I can take over a person's bodily functions almost entirely and still keep them alive, and wake them up comfortably at the end of a procedure. I can surely learn to sew some clothes.

And, there are lots of resources out there for the fashion-challenged these days. There are books and magazines and websites, and don't forget my stylish friends! And, the older I get the less I care about being stylish, anyway, so that excuse is gone.

Finally, the weight thing - if I sew the garments, surely I'll be the best person to alter them if (WHEN) I lose the weight. Or I can give those items away and make/refashion some more, because there is no shortage of old clothing around these parts!

So, in between gardening and quilting and cooking and animal posts, I'll be posting occasionally on my progress with the wardrobe. The next "official" round doesn't start until May, but I'm starting my own pledge now. I'm going to try - no, I'm going to DO this for six months, and then re-evaluate.

I'll make an exception for undergarments and socks, for now, although I may learn to make those at some point, too! I've truly gone over the deep end, folks - I'm going to sew things and wear them! Heaven help us all!


Dunappy said...

Well I' can't sew well enough to make my own clothes. I have however been crocheting some of my sweaters. I can make easy stuff with all straight lines and that's about it. I do however "recycle" clothing because I don't buy new stuff. I get all my clothing from thrift stores, I can't even remember the last time I bought a brand new item, it's been years.

Terri said...

Anna, I'm impressed that you're making your own sweaters! The thrift store is a good source of secondhand clothes. Unfortunately, I have the same problem there as I do in a regular store - I can't find anything that fits! :) So, learning to alter them is a necessity, even if I weren't trying to recycle.

Good for you for recycling most of your clothes!

Susie said...

Well I can't sew period! But you?!?!? I think you are very creative and would be able to do this easily. I think you definitely have a knack for it girl!

DayPhoto said...

Terry's mother always made her own everything....slips, panties, all her clothes, but stopped at the bra and sweater stuff.

You go girl! I'm impressed.


Amy said...

Altering things for yourself is the hardest thing ever for me! I don't even hem up my pants (I tape them up, I'm short too!) But I've done some refashioning myself--took t-shirts that were too big and resized them, refashioned a man's shirt to one for me, took an old sweater and made a skirt for Anna, used the sleeves off some old boys dress shirts and made a skirt for Anna. I even took an old t-shirt and made a pair of undies for myself--that was pretty weird! But it's fun to try...sometimes it turns out, sometimes not!

Marydon Ford said...
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Marydon Ford said...

Terri, I love the upon a time a woman who didn't nag ... You are such a kick.

Sew, that is a HUGE joke in my life ... I still hear Mother yelling at me when I attempted to sew maternity smocks for my first pregnancy ... 'MARY DONELDA GET THE RIPPER!!!' That says it all ....

Happy SPRING ~
Have a beautiful weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

March 20, 2010 8:44 AM

Daisy said...

Terri, good luck to you with this new venture. I bet it will be a smashing success for you. I'll look forward to hearing more about it. :)

Wolfie said...

Hmmmmmmm.... good luck. Be sure to keep us posted.

I can sew clothing ... I made lots of Jamie as she was growing up and I make some for Adri'auna as well ... but when it comes to sewing my own I cannot make them fit correctly.



Julia said...

Whoa. You are ambitious. I can only say I've cut back on total purchases over the last decade and that I wear things until they are basically see through. You've taken this one step further. GOOD LUCK!