Tuesday, March 9, 2010

V & Co Giveaway

Brutal call shift yesterday - I didn't get in until nearly one in the morning. I tried to get up at 4:45 a.m. to go to the gym with Melissa and just couldn't pull it together, so I begged off. (Sorry, Melissa!) In fact, although I am up and moving this morning, I am still in PJ's. :(

But, hey - at least I have the day off today. With pay. So, I can't whine too much!

And, I always love a quilt-related giveaway, so I have to tell you about the one over at V and Co.. She's hosting a sponsored giveaway by The Quilt Shoppe. The winner will get precut Moda fabric AND a $25 credit to spend on anything they like at The Quilt Shoppe. If you sew, or you know someone who does, check it out!


em's scrapbag said...

I would love that fabric but when I say there were almost a 1,000 people trying I just gave up. Maybe another time. Thanks for the link though.

Heidi D said...

That looks sweet! I like those colors too. I can piece a quilt together, I just don't know how to do the quilting.

We got the box in the mail today. L-O-V-E!!! The girls were really excited about the candy...so was I, but trying to be grown up about it. Love the hand warmers. Love the lavender warmer. LOVE the neck pillow. It matches my room and will be placed centered on the bed. I also love that you're my good blog buddy. :)

I hope that the sunshine will come out for you. I mean that literally and metaphorically.

Oh, check my blog tomorrow. Something awesome is going to happen. ;)

The Quilt Shoppe said...

Thanks for posting about the giveaway over at V & Co.

Good luck :)


Terri said...

Em, your odds of winning are still 1:250 if you do all four entry methods! And somebody has to win! :)

Heidi, you can quilt it. Make a few potholders to practice on and you'll see how easy it is - just make sure you have a darning foot and that your feed dogs are down! Oh, and I'm glad you got the box! Did the book ever make it or do I need to remind my friend?

Lani, thank you for hosting the giveaway!

Susie said...

Hope you enjoyed your day off with pay. That's nice!

Daisy said...

A day off with pay sounds like a good thing to me. Get up at 4:45!! Yikes, I don't think I would have been able to do that either. Hope you got some rest since then.

Terri said...

Susie and Daisy, the day off was nice! :) Thanks for stopping by!