Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Good Call Shift

I finally had a good call shift - I went in to work at 11 a.m. and was done by 6:30 p.m. and I had a lunch break in there. One minor issue with a patient undergoing heart surgery, but we got that straightened out and he should recover nicely. And I am one well-rested chick! :) Speaking of chicks -

spring is finally here, and we have baby chicks coming in a couple of weeks! Nothing says spring like baby chicks! They are so cute and sweet - I can't wait!

And then there are my favorite type of spring chicks... I know they have no redeeming nutritional value whatsoever. But I don't care. I love them. I don't eat very many of them, but every Easter I treat myself to a little package of Peeps.

And I have a Cadbury Creme Egg. But not both at the same time. Well, not every year, anyway! Okay, one year I didn't have them both at the same time. I ate some Peeps first and then I ate the creme egg. And then I ran ten miles.

One part of that last paragraph is a complete fabrication; you'll never guess which part! :)

What's your favorite Easter candy?


Daisy said...

Glad to hear you had a good call shift, Terri, and that you got some rest. My mom used to put peeps in our Easter baskets when we were little, but I never cared for them much. My sons love them, however. My favorite would have to be the Reese's peanut butter eggs. Yum!!

Debbie said...

I love seeing you feeling so good in this post! *hugs* I am glad you had a good shift.

I have been such a good girl so far. I have only bought one package of peeps and they were for the baby's Easter basket and they are still unopened! I love them when they are just a little bit stale and start to turn hard. lol

I miss having baby chicks, big chicks for that matter, around. I keep hoping to get a few for around here. I miss fresh eggs.

Working on any craft projects lately?


Susie said...

I like the cadbury eggs too but I really like the Reese's eggs.

Glad to hear you had a good shift Terri.

Terri said...

Daisy, we are exact opposites - the boys always loved Reese's eggs and didn't care for the Peeps! :)

Debbie, thank you! And, yes, I have a couple of things up my sleeve. Hopefully I'll have a post on the newest project this week!

Susie, I like peanut butter in oatmeal, of all things! But not in chocolate, which is weird, I know.

Amy said...

Peeps--mmmm! I think they're gluten free, which is something I noticed when I bought some. I could be making that up, however.
I don't think I have a favorite Easter candy--anything chocolate will always do!

DayPhoto said...

I love PEEPS! All of them. And I like them to dry out and get hard.


Christine said...

Yay, chicks! I somehow managed to get out of the feed store the other day without a box full of them.

I can't eat the peeps. I never even liked them as a child. Too sweet for me maybe, I don't know. Give me some malted milk eggs though and I'll make myself sick on them.