Friday, October 10, 2008

Hello from Melissa

I have taken over Terri's blog for a moment - or until she catches me.
I was concerned that Terri's profile photo didn't accurately depict her personality. It is an invisible character.
I searched around the web for suitable clip art. I thought about a mermaid because Terri really likes to swim - but at the moment she is far from water so that wouldn't do.
I found this one with grapes, because she is very into wine for medicinal purposes, but it looked funny as an icon.

I then selected a horse silhouette but she is much more than just into horses.

I then looked at nursing photos but didn't find an attractive one.

I settled on this vintage hat picture.
This reminds me of Terri. She has beautiful features, elegant and sophisticated and she always wears a cap at work (I don't know what the technical name for the thing she must wear on her head while in the surgery room is but let's just call them ugly shall we?) I know every time Terri puts on that cap she must dream of a more stylish ensemble.
So from now on Terri can think of herself as this gorgeous vintage lady because let's face it, most of the day she doesn't really know what she looks like and if she thinks as though she's wearing a beautiful vintage hat, then so be it! It's kind of like short people don't really feel short and don't' think of themselves as short... until we need the peanut butter from the top shelf that is. Have a great day Terri, and know that now you look as beautiful on the outside as you do on the inside!
Now I shall log off and let Terri take back over - happy thoughts to everyone because This Indeed Will Do!


Amy said...

Cracks me up!
Melissa is so sweet to pick an icon for you--and one so gorgeous!

Terri said...

Yeah, that's Melissa - sweet! (That part with a bit of sarcasm!) I'm surprised she didn't pick a chicken!

Actually, our friendship is based more on good-natured ribbing than on saying nice things about one another, but in a pinch, we're 100% behind one another. I'm lucky to have her!