Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pledge to Buy Handmade!

In keeping with our theme this week, Melissa found a great site: http://www.buyhandmade.org/. More than 28000 people have pledged to buy handmade this holiday season. The site gives some compelling reasons, but my favorite is this one: "We are encouraged to be consumers, not producers, of our own culture." And it is OUR culture - it does NOT belong to Wal-Mart or Target or Macy's. Let's take it back!

The truth is, my talents lie in providing services (anesthesia care) and not producing goods. My handmade items are really only suitable to given to those who know and love me. But I don't want to be just another cog in the wheel of the commercio-industrial complex. I want to break free of that prison, and the farm, this site and my pledge are part of that break.

If you feel the same way, visit Buy Handmade and take the pledge. Join the Revolution!

Oh, and don't forget our giveaway! Help us support small-scale artists and crafters!



Amy said...


Beehind Thyme said...

You go girl!!! I will second that... I FIRMLY believe in supporting the small businesses & buying handmade throughout the year. Keep on preaching!!!

Love your blog & will be back to visit often.

Blessings 2 you on this AuTuMn DaY, Pamela

Thistledew Farm said...

Don't let Terri fool you with the "I'm not crafty line..." She has lots of great ideas!