Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Late nights at the hospital

I'm writing this post on a break - we have a room with a computer at the hospital that is assigned to our class. When we aren't busy, we can come in here and nap (there's a bed) or get some work done on the computer. Which is good, because we don't actually earn any money, so they might as well let us use our downtime for something productive, right?

So far tonight we've had the usual assortment of broken bones, trauma and hot appendixes that just have to come out. People come in hurting and scared, and I give them medicine to ease their pain and anxiety, and then I get them off to sleep so the surgeon can work. Pretty cool, when you think about it.

But one patient tonight really got to me - she was a teenager, here for school, and her mother lives in another state. Mom and daughter had to talk on the phone before the girl's operation - there was no time to wait. Can you imagine how hard that would be? And this girl is in a safe place - imagine those mothers with children overseas.

I know, I'm maudlin tonight, but I have spent the last several hours face to face with raw human suffering, and it gets to a person, now and again. So, even if you don't agree with all that's going on in the world right now, please take a minute to think of or pray for all the men and women serving our country, and all the families who wait and pray for them. It'll make me feel better, if nothing else!



simple~needs said...

girl, you are rocking on the awesome posts !!
my daughters fiance is in iraq. i think about him often and cant imagine how his mom feels.
you are the type of person that i would always hope would be there if one of my girls come in for an emergency and i couldnt be there.
thanks again for another great post.

Lisa said...

this post hit me as usual Terri. I haven't commented in a couple of days since I've been so busy but this one I couldn't go to bed with out a reply. I have to say how important your job is and how proud I am of you for what you do ( don't laugh I know I'm cheesy but it's truthful) I've lost my belief in god but I will be thinking positive thoughts for this young girl who is with out her family. And all the other young and older people serving us as proud Americans. thanks for the reminder, I need it often some times. Ok, I'm off to bed. sweet dreams to you after your trying day.

Terri said...

Thanks, Kim! What a great compliment - you made my day! :) I hope all is well with your daughter's fiance. I am one of those nurses who takes work home with me, although I really try not to!


Terri said...

Lisa, thank you for the compliment - you are so sweet. I'm sorry that you've lost your faith. I won't even pretend to know how to help with that other than to say that I struggle with it on a regular basis... some days are better than others. Hang in there, hon!