Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rainy days

It was raining a little this morning when I left for the hospital. The driveway, which is at least half a mile long, was full of puddles and the clay surface pulled at my tires a bit when I drove on it. This reminded me that we probably need at least one, and maybe two loads of gravel before winter gets here. The thing is, at the moment we don't have the $500 or $600 it would take to get the gravel delivered, and it isn't really feasible to gravel the driveway ourselves. I'm not sure what we'll do, but we'll need to do something. Sigh. I like rainy days, though, even when they serve as a reminder that there's yet another thing around here that we don't have time or money for.

Yes, we're building this farm a piece at a time, pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. And it's true that we can't afford professional landscaping right now, nor can we afford to have some of the upkeep done. And it isn't much fun, looking at my view of the clay hill in the back of the house.

However, I am choosing to focus on the positives. We're all healthy. We all get along well, minus the occasional disagreement which we tend to settle quickly. We have some great (free!) hiking trails to get exercise and fresh air on. We have plenty of eggs (and the occasional naughty rooster) to eat. We can grow some of our own produce. The horses have hay for the winter. The dogs are content, and we have a cat to keep the mice away this winter. There are deer and wild turkey all over the farm, so if we got really desperate we could eat game. All in all, I'd say we're pretty lucky. I sometimes need to remind myself of that fact, you know?

Here's hoping that you are as lucky as we are - or more so!


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