Thursday, October 16, 2008

My favorite magazine

Melissa will read the title to this post and won't have to read any further. She'll groan in mock dismay, like she always does when she sees that I have a new issue, and then she'll ask what sort of mess we're going to get into this time. And I will reply (innocently, of course!) that I have no idea what she's talking about, as I have certainly never been responsible for any messes around here!

The magazine in question is Mother Earth News and I love it. I have been reading this magazine since I was a little girl - seriously. My parents had a bit of a hippie, new-age bent (read: they were green BEFORE it was cool to be green!) and were regular subscribers. There were often ideas for homemade games and toys in the magazine, and I was the oldest of five children. I loved to make things to entertain my younger siblings. (Before you grant me sainthood, though, I should tell you that I also tormented them - once we convinced my younger sister to roast some ants and eat them - by eating some ourselves! Yes, even at that age, I was a brilliant strategist...)

So, when I discovered that there is a CD version of the archives of Mother Earth News from 1970 to today, I was beside myself. This is definitely on my Christmas list - or maybe I'll tell Ron I want it as a graduation gift. Can you imagine? Thirty+ years of green living, self-sufficiency and renewable energy in one easy-to access source. I think I might be in love!


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Thistledew Farm said...

You are Mother Earth! I can't imagine when you'll have time to review 30 years worth of cool tips - and try them out! Well, maybe you already know a few of the years by heart!

Did I mention that Terri's been reading since she was like 2 years old??? Yes folks she's one of those type of over achievers...the type that started right from the start so the rest of us will always be hopelessly behind falling for her hairbrained ideas because we want to be just like her but never will!