Friday, October 3, 2008

Road Trip

Well, I am headed to the Fairy Encounter at Windy Meadows with Melissa and the Princess. We'll be gone for the weekend and it should be lots of fun, particularly as there aren't many girly things going on at my house!

Ellie and Randy Troutman have a great thing going at Windy Meadows, (you can read all about it over at Thistledew) and after I graduate we are going to do a girls weekend - go to a horse race, have a spa weekend, maybe go trail riding... it is going to be great! Assuming I survive, that is!

But, here's the thing - every single time I decide to go somewhere, I immediately begin to think of reasons why I shouldn't go. I need to study, there's work to be caught up around the farm, it isn't in the budget.... the list is endless. So, I nearly talk myself out of going, and then I go anyway, and I have a great time, and I manage to stay on top of everything anyway - EVERY SINGLE TIME. In fact, I'm generally more productive when I get home because I've had a bit of a break. So, why do I do this? Why agonize over it endlessly? I don't know - I really don't. Maybe there's a little hermit living in my head. I think there is. I think I am going to name her Millicent.

So, hush up, Millicent! We're going to have fun this weekend! Go back to your cave and leave me alone!



Lisa said...

Hi Terri, you know, I think you've hit on something because I do the very same thing !! I have many reasons of why I can't go, who at home will need me and all the other reasons to stay at home. Then when I get back, I figure out that not everyone needs my help for every little thing. :-) I think I'm just a worrier and that if I don't have my hands in all that goes on here, it won't work which is silly because that's just not true. you have a fabulous weekend and since I love faries, I'm looking forward to the photos. I'm going on my Lost get together so I'll see you when I get back so to speak

Amy said...

I do exactly the same thing. Somehow everything still gets done. Have a great weekend! Sounds like great fun!

Terri said...

Thanks, Lisa - we did have a great time! I hope your Lost get-together went well!

Maybe you can drive down and join in the next fairy encounter! :)


Terri said...

Amy, I know I'm not the only one who does this - I just wish I knew how to stop it! :)

Take care!