Sunday, October 26, 2008

Recruiting dinner

We had a recruiting dinner Friday night. A recruiting dinner is where an anesthesia group that is looking for new blood comes in, caters a meal, and invites you to get to know them.

So, I went. I wasn't going to go - I'm already pretty sure of where I want to work, and I don't want to move. But when I talked to my classmates, it seemed that most of them weren't going, and I felt like the group was good enough to come down and invite us out, some of us should actually go and make nice. Because if we don't, they may choose not to come out again, and that limits the options for those coming up behind us. Plus, I can't afford a nice night out on the town right now, so this was our chance to go out and have fun without wrecking the budget. Win-win, right?

They chose an Asian-fusion place in Knoxville, and catered a meal and offered an open bar. So, I had some merlot, and ate sushi and then had a nice sea bass meal. Some of the service was a bit odd - there was a maraschino cherry inexplicably on the plates, for instance. Not sure why, but there it was. Still, the food was good.

It was good to talk to other people who've recently finished school, and they were all very encouraging. Most of all, to a person, they said it was ABSOLUTELY worth all the stuff we're going through right now. And that's good to hear, because I'll admit that sometimes I wonder!

The problem? The package this group offers is VERY attractive. As in, ~20% more base pay, more vacation and the opportunity make significantly more in overtime than I could make here. Now I'm really torn. We'd never get rid of this place, certainly, but I could afford to support two places on that income, particularly if we just did a little house in town up there.

There's a lot to think about. The group invited us up for a weekend to see the town and the hospital and get a feel for the place. I think we're going to take them up on it, just so we're exploring all our options. Then, too, it's a weekend away and our budget absolutely won't support any kind of getaway this year. I'll post again after I go see what the place is like in person.

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