Monday, October 27, 2008

A Warm Fire and Another Giveaway!

It was so chilly out this afternoon! I wore a light jacket in to the hospital, because it wasn't that cold this morning. By this afternoon, though, the temperature had dropped at least 15 degrees and the sky was gray... it was cold! I got home and Ron had a hot bowl of chili waiting, and he built a fire, and I had a glass of wine, and Melissa and her crew joined us. Nearly a perfect evening.

The princess is taking her social studies project to the next level, so we had that to talk about, and Melissa has an upcoming craft fair, so we had that to talk about, and I had a very good day at school today, so I had to share. Plus, we had some great jokes: "What's invisible and smells like worms? Bird farts, of course!" If you are eight, that joke is hilarious!

And then I log on to find that one of my favorite bloggers hit 100 posts and is hosting her own giveaway - of course, it's Kim at Simple Needs! Stop on over and sign up, and send me the teapot when you win... and the snowman... oh, and the melters... oh, and I think I know just the place for the stitchery, too. Really, you know you have no place to put it, so I'll just do you a favor and take it off your hands. Okay?? No? Well, alright then, but it won't matter because I'm going to win!!



simple~needs said...

lol. i am laughing so hard over your are so funny!!

about your last post.... take them up on the weekend to see the town.. it will at least give you an opportunity to see new things, new ideas and give you choices. it is a "door opening" experience.
i totally agree with your opinion on going for the dinner. it was the polite thing to do.:)

Terri said...

Thanls for stopping by, Kim - we always enjoy reading what you have to say!