Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Five Things Terri Would Never Say

Hello Blog Friends,

Terri is on vacation today, most people on vacation do things for themselves, but Terri is up to her tricks and acting very clever....she hijacked my blog and said some pretty ridiculous things about me.... I am therefore, compelled to return the favor....Terri is often reluctant to talk about herself, so I will educate you on things she would never say...

1. Is that rigor mortis or algor mortis?

Terri would never say this because she is familiar with all types of mortis including brick....she's in love with nursing but also with rocks. I once jogged with Terri for over an hour discussing the properties of mortis to assist her with an upcoming test. She also sent me a book about making a mud house....see the two have nothing in common - you just have to follow along - nod and smile....

2. Do these colors go together?

Terri would never ask this because for some reason she thinks she has no color sense - but we all know better....her color combinations always seem to work - remember her color combination of peach and dark green?, which made my mother laugh and a customer take out their checkbook????

3. That looks way to hard, lets just buy one already made.
Terri is convinced we can not only do a project better but more economical - while sometimes this is the case it has not always been so. We once spent $50 on materials to make a $25 ornament ----we still have a ton of stuff and none of them turned out like the one the artist had for sale (the artist probably hated us for saying we could duplicate it....when I hear someone say this about my art - I just smile!)

4. Does this make me look fat?

Terri would never say this because she's tiny and cute and she knows I would hit her.

5. Let me throw that away.
Terri is the queen of recycle - not only her stuff - table scraps into chicken eggs, but other peoples hand offs. She has found the coolest stuff on Craigs List!

Have a great vacation Terri, you never have enough to do!!!!!!


Terri said...

You are too funny, woman! And sneaky - hey, this hanging around the house checking the computer periodically is kind of fun! And it's WAY cheaper than actually going anywhere! :)


Daisy said...

Thanks for making me smile, Melissa (and Terri). You ladies are both very clever. :D

Susie said...

Okay, you girls are having way too much fun!

Terri said...

Daisy, Susie - thanks for stopping in, and yes, we are having too much fun! :) But, if you think this is bad you should come hang out with us at Thistldew! In fact, once we have our craft loft built, you should ALL come hang out with us!


Dee said...

I just had the highlight of my day reading this post. You girls are so entertaining. I've loved reading your blog which I have just discovered from Janellybelly. I'll be back. lol.
D. :=)

Terri said...

Thanks for stopping by, Dee! We love Threads of Friendship too!