Sunday, November 30, 2008

November's End & A Little Break

Can you believe we're at the end of November? Another year, coming to a close. It's been a good year, overall, for us here at Thistledew - one house built, the second house well on the way, a small but productive garden. The chickens have done remarkably well, especially considering most of them were housed in a pen in our master bath just under a year ago.

The horses are suffering from benign neglect (they get fed and watered, and the occasional snippet of attention, but there's no working right now) as there's so much going on. I've actually considered finding another home for my mare, as she won't be worked for another year if she stays here. But, that's another post!

I start my cardiovascular surgery rotation on Monday, so out of necessity I will take a small break from blogging. I will try to catch up once or twice a week, and I will be reading your blogs, but you won't see much of me for the next month. Actually, nobody (including the folks who share the farm here) will be seeing much of me for the next month. I'll pop in on the weekends, so I'm not abandoning the blog entirely!

In January, I'll be finished with cardiovascular surgery and only have an obstetrics rotation and about 8 months and then I'll graduate. It seems so far off at the moment, but everyone says that once you finish "hearts" you're on the downhill slope. I'll cling to that next month when the water gets rough! In the meantime, have fun with your Christmas preparations and I'll talk to you sometime next weekend!



Anonymous said...

Blessings to you during the weeks ahead.

Susie said...

I bet you'll be through with rotations and studies before you know it. Congratulations on your hard work so far. Keep us posted.

Wolfie said...

Congrats on getting this far!! I hope that it goes faster for you than you think and things get easier from then on.

I hope to hear from you when you get the chance, I'll miss your comments on my blog!!!

BTW: Be sure to check my blog for my raffle of a ragged quilt!!!


Amy said...

Before you know it you'll be all done...Yeah!

The Tile Lady said...

I am so sorry to hear you are having surgery....thanks so much for coming by my blog and commenting! All my best!


Terri said...

Thanks, everybody! No worries - I'll still be around - just maybe not as often! I've made too many friends to stay away for long!


Daisy said...

Best of luck to you getting through the rotations! You have chosen a career that involves a lot of hard work, but I imagine it is rewarding for you to be caring for others.