Saturday, November 1, 2008

Giveaway ends today!

Our giveaway ends today - at the end of the contest, we'll tally all the entries, put them in a basket and get the princess to draw a name! If you're the winner, the candle and melters you requested will be on your way! If your entry is ambiguous, we'll contact you for clarification so we don't send you something you don't want, okay?

The staining party went well - Melissa had a few more feet of siding to stain, and I needed a break from the endless studying I seem to be doing these days, so I went over and we chatted and stained. Melissa did most of the staining of her siding on her own, but I helped just enough to be able to say I did. Now (when the siding is forty feet in the air) we can brag and say we did that!

I also cleaned the chicken coop today, and gave the girls some fresh bedding. They love fresh bedding - its something new to scratch around in! They are such good girls - they are still laying well even though it's November. We get 3-7 dozen eggs a week! I really need to start keeping better records regarding the food we buy - I'm not even sure how long a bag of poultry crumble lasts, so I'm not sure what the final cost of those eggs is. Still, they're fresh and good, and the chickens are happy, and they make me happy, so that's really what counts, isn't it?

Finally, I pulled all the dead plants out of the flowerbeds around the house - I still need to weed the flowerbeds and put down fresh mulch, and clean out the raised garden bed, but that's a chore for next weekend, I think! So, it's back to the books now. Hope all of you are having a good, productive weekend!



simple~needs said...

so glad to hear ya explain the "staining party" lol
it sounds like you have been sooo busy.
we dug up the cannas, put away the halloween decorations( 'cept for the pumpkins, they can stay. )
i still need to put my dragon tongue bulbs ina pot to overwinter.
thats on my list for tomorrow. :)

Terri said...

Kim, I don't even know what a dragon tongue bulb is - have to go google that! :)