Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mayonnaise on my Head

Yes, you read that right. I put a condiment on my head. On purpose. And I really loved the results! Let me explain.

This past week was my vacation. We couldn't afford to actually go anywhere because the budget's just too tight right now (and, yes, as Ron constantly reminds me, I CHOSE to go two years with no income, so it's my own fault) to make it work. So, I decided to use the week to get back to some basic self-care I'd been neglecting.

I've been exercising all week, eating healthy foods and giving myself home spa treatments - sugar scrubs, soaks, masks, etc... and every evening I relax by the fire with a small glass of red wine. Who needs a spa? :)

Anyway, I knew I wanted to do a hair treatment. My hair has a real tendency to be dry; it is also pretty thick, so I need a heavy-duty conditioner. That's where the mayonnaise comes in, and I found the idea here: Make a Condiment into a Conditioner. I used about 1/4 cup of mayonnaise and combed it through my hair. Then I wrapped my head in plastic wrap and then a warm towel. And I sat down to catch up on some blogs.

Forty minutes later (hey, you guys are an engaging read - what can I say?) I realized how much time had passed and decided that perhaps the mayo shouldn't become a permanent part of my hair. So, I showered and washed it off. It came out of my hair easily - I didn't have to use extra shampoo. I did use my normal hair conditioner after rinsing, just in case. But I shouldn't have worried. My hair - oh, my - it feels like silk and has a soft shine that looks like I had a salon treatment.

I was skeptical about trying it, but I am so pleased with the results that I may just make it a weekly thing! Mayonnaise is less expensive than even the drug store deep conditioners, and, trust me - I've tried almost all of those. So, if your hair is already suffering from winter dryness, the cure may be a few steps away - in your refrigerator!

Before I close this, let me tell you about yet another great giveaway - and this one's full of surprises! Check out Susie's blog here: Digging in the Dirt and sign up to win!



Anonymous said...

Good Morning! I have really thick, dry hair also and appreciate the mayo treatment suggestion. I've already entered Susie's giveaway but I wanted to pass along to you that Linda @ Threads of Loveliness posted about Peggy @ Hidden Haven Homestead's lavender FIG soap this morning. That seems like something you and Melissa might have to have!!! Have a great weekend.

Terri said...

Oh, yes - we might need some of that - thanks so much for the tip! Of course, if I get Melissa this soap, she'll start singing the fig newton song again... sigh! :)


Susie said...

Terri-I have heard of these homemade rememdy before. I think that is great that it worked for you! I think sometimes the best vacations are the ones we have at home. Sounds like you had a fabulous vacation.

Thanks for the link. That was really sweet! Hope your weekend is great!

Terri said...

Susie, thanks for stopping by - I did have a fabulous vacation. :) Melissa and I are sitting by the fire as I type this, and she is crocheting while I get some work done - very pleasant!


Lynda said...

Terri, oh that is funny ! I'm so glad it worked - it's probably better for one than store bought conditioner with all the colourings, scents etc. I might just have to try it sometime ;)

Wolfie said...

Hey Terri.... I did that (mayo) many years ago when my hair was quite long and thick. It worked great!!!

Have a great weekend!!


Terri said...

Lynda, thanks for stopping by! The mayo did work well, although my teenage sons laughed at me for it! :)

Wolfie, it's always a pleasure to "see" you! :)


simple~needs said...

i love using mayonaise!!!!
i have really crazy curly hair that tends to get dried out so easy. well, using mayonaise does the job!!
the home spa sounds like a great idea!! i wish i had the wine. teehee

Terri said...

Kim, Melissa and I share! :)


Amy said...

Funny! I've heard of using mayo before, I just never heard the results of it. Does it keep down the static??

Dana said...

I may have to give that a try soon.

Terri said...

Amy, yes, it does seem to help with the static, but just in the same way a heavy-duty conditioner does.

Dana, thanks for stopping by - I do recommend it if you have dry hair. It worked beautifully!


Daisy said...

I have heard of doing this but have never tried it. Having heard your endorsement, maybe I'll have to give it a try. Thanks! :)