Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Box of Awesome

Would you like a box of awesome? I certainly would! I could just pull out the awesome whenever I needed some. I could take the awesome in to the hospital and share it. I could spread awesome all over the farm - it could be pretty cool!

So, if you want to win your very own box of awesome, visit The Decoursey Project Awesome Giveaway and enter to win! While you're there, check out the rest of the blog. Heidi has a quirky writing style that makes for a fun read!


Amy said...

I could use a box of awesome! Thanks Terri!

andrea said...

A box of awesome is a woderful concept :)

I'd spread mine everywhere too :)

andrea said...

you mak very good point :)

you could certainly use some awesome round about now - I'd be very happy to see you win it too :)

happy studying!

andrea said...

um you make a good point too ;)

E where were you when I needed you ?

TC said...

I'm opting out of the awesome give-a-way, mainly because I have plenty of "coisif."

The "Word Verification" word was "coisif," and since I like word play, I played around with it in a sentence that I hope will make you smile.

Terri said...

Hi, Amy - thanks for stopping by! Good luck winning some awesome!

Andrea, I am totally rooting for you! :) x3!

TC, I think you should share the coisif, since you have so much of it! :) I like word play, as well.

We play imaginary Scrabble, where you can make up any word as long as you can define it and use it in a sentence. I know - we are geeks! :)


Margaret said...

Awesome came over here from the States years ago . Words are like that - one sneezes and the worrld catch the flu.

Terri said...

Margaret, yes, it's true! Words are contagious!


Anonymous said...