Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Were Skunk Denial

Good Morning Clay Hill Farm Followers - and Happy St. Paddy's Day to ya. I just popped over from ThistleDew Farm!

Things have been hectic lately both at Clay Hill and across the creek at ThistleDew and that is most likely why Terri is in denial about the Were Skunk. Pictured above getting ready for a night on the farm.

Since there are only at ThistleDew it is impossible for a Were Skunk to survive

- and we know there is skunk food at Clay Hill.

And the Skunk's paramour

So, if you post on ThistleDew's blog comments and on Clay Hill Farm's comments that you are wise to Terri's denial and assist her in coming back to reality concerning who really "owns" the Were Skunk, you will get ten extra entries in Terri's giveaway. I will personally write down your name ten times each and put them in Terri's drawing box!

I am sure this will assist Terri in facing reality and perhaps even encourage her to seek some sort of treatment!


DayPhoto said...

What a happy, funny blog post! I am laughing as I am reading. I too have the chickens and a dog and it is skunk mating season....



Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I swear we had a farting ghost in our house for the first 10 years...no really!!! :)

So, if there is a farting ghost there most definitely is a Were Skunk.

Yarn Princess said...

Ok... Since Heidi'n'Jeff brought up the farting issue - I'm going with the old "Whoever smelled it, dealt it" reasoning and rethinking this whole thing.

Now Terri... re you sure this isn't just a way to get a new pet for yourself but "blame" it on someone else because of a pet limit???

andrea said...

nice try melissa .. and very funny and well reasoned but I'm on the side of the diva giving away things and wanting me to post :)

Amy said...

Seriously cracking up here! I must say thanks for the picture of the straight jacket. The kids were wondering what one was when I told them I needed to be fitted for one!

Terri--I think Melissa is wise to you! I wonder how she found out?!

TC said...

I posted there, but dang if I know what a "were" skunk is here either!
Where can I get wonky bits??

And now I "resse" my case.

Yes, that was the "Word Verification" word.

Terri said...

Linda, we just wanted all of you to get a feel for what it's like here all the time! :)

Heidi, I think your farting ghost has found its way to my house and is following my boxer around!

YP, I do NOT want a pet skunk, but I am sure Melissa does!

Thank you, Andrea! :) Yes, Melissa is totally wrong here, as is often the case!

Amy, I think that skunk told her!

TC, I think if you have a few children you automatically get some "wonky bits," don't you? :)


Susie said...

Okay, so who is it really that has were-skunks?

Daisy said...

So, Terri is the owner of the wereskunk? Oh dear. There is quite a mystery going on here. Is Terri in denial? Is Melissa the true wereskunk owner? I will have to see if I can smell out any clues here!!

HA HA HA! You gals are so crazy and so much fun! :D