Sunday, March 29, 2009

Surprises All Around!

Yesterday was a very good day, in spite of the rain. First, I got a package from my friend Wolfie - she sent sunbonnets, and jackets, and the cutest stockings! They're all really well-made and the jackets are soft and light and just perfect for spring and fall when Mother Nature can't decide what her mood is.

Can you just see those stockings hanging on a rustic fireplace? I have such a fireplace, and Wolfie sent TWO stockings - how cool is that?? If you have a thing for primitive or rustic decor, take a look at some of Wolfie's things - she's cleaning house in preparation for a big move, and you might score some beautiful things for yourself!

Then I took a break from studying and took a few baby plants up to surprise Melissa at the big house. She lost most of hers to the cold so I've been gradually starting new ones for her, to replenish her stock. I hadn't seen the house since it was officially finished, and it certainly is beautiful. She'll have to post photos - you'll be amazed! The fireplace is visually stunning.

Melissa and I took a walk down to the garlic and herb beds in the front field, and Melissa practiced some plant butchery on the rosemary. Really, it was difficult to watch - the woman was ruthless. She cut all the frostbitten tips and all the dead limbs and trimmed the excessive growth - the poor plant looks positively shorn. It will respond by growing more thick and luxurious, and I know this, but I can't help but cringe when Melissa comes out carrying those loppers. She's a were-lopper, for sure!

Finally, it was back home to finish my studying, when my husband said he needed to run out. Hmmm - 9 p.m. on a Saturday and you need to run an errand? Okay - it was a little odd, but I didn't think much of it.

And he brought home flowers, which was another sweet surprise. And then he gestured out the door, and one of my sons said something about stray puppies coming home, and the next thing I knew, my oldest son (who has been in Korea for three long years!) was walking in the door. And I had no idea he was coming - those sneaky boys kept it a secret from me! Definitely the best surprise of the year!

So, needless to say, we were up late talking last night, and probably will be for the next few nights. He gets thirty days at home, and then he reports to Ft. Hood, TX for the remainder of his tour. There's some possibility of deployment in October with that unit, which worries me, because he's just come home. Like all military familes, though, we'll deal with what comes. And, if you see a little less of me for the next thirty days, well, you'll understand! :)


Yarn Princess said...

Way cool!!! Those are the surprises that you like. Does that explain something??? Hmmmmm......

Peggy said...

what a wonderful surprise!!! Have lots of fun and enjoy those 30 days

Anna said...

What a Happy Surprise!! When I was in the Army, I never went anywhere. I was stationed at Ft. Hucahuca the whole time. Keith on the other hand was all over the place. Korea, Bahrain, monthly training exercises etc.

Susie said...

Oh Terri what a wonderful surprise! You must be floating on cloud 9 right now. Have a great visit with your son.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise. Enjoy every minute.

Terri said...

YP, it explains a few things that have been going on around here! :)

Thank you, Peggy! I'm loving it!

Anna, I was never at Huachuca but I had several friends who really liked it there.

Thanks, Susie - we are enjoying it!

Thank you, Mildred! It's going to be a busy (but fabulous) month!


Daisy said... you've gone and made me cry. What a sweet and wonderful surprise for you. Those boys of yours are definitely sneaky but in a very good way. Enjoy your heart out! :D

TC said...

You can be sure I'll understand if you're not around as much; I was in the Navy and wasn't around much.

Do you like the "alman" Brothers Band?

andrea said...


I'm so thrilled for you all :)

have a blast :)

Julia said...

That is a fabulous surprise! How nice was that. You must be just elated. I hope you have a great month with him home.

Helen @ The Beading Lady said...

What a fantastic surprise!

DayPhoto said...

YEAH! I remember those army days. Our only son went into the army and off to Germany. Then to the Saudi War.

Enjoy, Enjoy, enjoy!

Thistledew Farm said...

Hurray for Josh being home! What a cool surprise! Don't worry about those little Rosemary's they will also teaches the other plants to stay in line or look what might happen!

Terri said...

Daisy, I cried, too! :)

TC, I love those "alman" brothers!

Thank you, Andrea! Thank you, Julia, and sorry for the multiple comments on your site earlier!

Thank you, Helen, and thank you, Linda. Melissa, you are a plant butcher but you have quite the green thumb, so they must like the brutality! :)

Amy said...

Yeah! What a wonderful surprise! Enjoy some home time with your son!

Wolfie said...

Oh I am sooooo glad that you love your "surprises" I sent you.

You're a sweetheart and deserve that and more!!!



PS... Sent ya an email or two the other day but didn't hear from you. Hope you got them okay.

After reading your post I can understand why I haven't heard from you.

What a wonderful surprise you got!!

Ooooh.... Fort Hood, Texas isn't far from me. If you visit him while he's there, maybe you and I can plan a little "get-together" too!!!

How cool would that be?!?!?! lol

Enjoy having him home!!!

Terri said...

Thank you, Amy!

Wolfie, you have mail - I loved, loved, LOVED the surprises you sent! :)


Wolfie said...

Got the email you sent hon.


Keep me posted on the Ft Hood "thing"!!!

Have fun with your guys!!!