Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where is and What is a Were Skunk

Good Morning from ThistleDew again. I am posting simultaneously on both sites this morning to dispel the were-skunk confusion.

Terri has totally taken a serious issue and tangled it up in such a way that only exceptionally dedicated readers have a clue what is going on.....

So allow me to straighten things out for you.

There are two issues here - were rabbits (you can find out more about them by watching the film Wallace and Grommit and the Case of the Were Rabbit or read my post about him)

and skunks
To through you off the trail, Terri has combined them!

She has discovered that there is a were-skunk on the property. The question is who's were-skunk is it?

I maintain that it is Terri's skunk:

  • he hangs around her house
  • she maintains a skunk buffet she calls a compost pile
  • the skunk's lover is at her house

  • and, on occasion, I have seen him in her house....

To affirm my view of Terri's were-skunk ownership I fall to the old adage "she who smelt it dealt it"

so adeptly put by The Yarn Princess

During the course of this debate, Terri organized a giveaway - don't be fooled, she is only doing this to bribe you - and it appears some of you are weak enough to fall for it! Adding chaos to the confusion she has turned things around so that I too must participate in the giveaway by including a crocheted item....I have until April 1st to whip something up worthy of the lavish praise she heaped on me....not that she really believes me worthy of the praise, she just knows how to awakened my competitive nature and backed me into a corner, forcing me to excel! What she is really after is your vote that I am the owner of the were-skunk - of which she has no proof what so ever, that is why she has resorted to bribery.

On second thought - she has got me involved in the giveaway so I can't enter the contest - drat I fell for it again!!!!! That skunk!


TC said...

Ohhhh, I see. Le pew!

Wolfie said...

LOL.... lmao.

Terri said...

Methinks somebody protests too much.... :)


ikkinlala said...

The compost pile is a persuasive piece of evidence, but I reached the opposite conclusion because, in my experience, the relationship between skunks and dogs more often resembles a kindergarten crush (one chases, the other avoids) than it does love.

Julia said...

Are you saying this skunk was actually in the house????????? Say it isn't so!

Thistledew Farm said...

I can not comment on whether the skunk was actually in Terri's house! I'll leave that alone - I will comment on the amorous relationship between canine and Le Pew - in this case it is the dog that chases and the skunk that tries to escape - Achilles loves skunks I am not sure the feeling is returned - soooo ikkinlala where does that leave you?

andrea said...

you call those of us who agree with Terri weak however I must point out that while I am little I am both fiesty and mighty ;)

Terri is my tennesse friend (I have GOT to look at a map someday soon) and you I like cause she says you is ok - other than that I know you not.. when I got my friend's back I got it real good - and perhaps you could persuade me to take up your cause on another issue but the skunk you keep sending her way to torture that poor dog? nope no way - firmly in Terri's camp here ;)

(Terri by the way - the lake house is on Lake Ontario - a LONG way from Tennesse I think - but I have to check - my american geography not being perfect -ha- it is lovely and it's my mum's new project so there will probably be lots of pictures as it develops - it's a classic ontario farmhouse set on an acre of wild wonderful lake)

Terri said...

Ikkinlala, I think you have the relationship pegged! :)

Julia, no, the skunk wasn't in the house, but it smelled like he was after a thoroughly skunked boxer ran inside!

Melissa, if skunks demonstrate affection by spraying, then Achilles is loved!

Andrea, thank you for backing me up! :) We will definitely look forward to lake house photos so we can all live vicariously through you!


Daisy said...

The skunk was in Terri's house? And you have photographic evidence!!? OH MY!